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Arrest After Trucker Drove From Coast to Coast—Non-Stop

Gary Robbins admitted using LSD, cocaine, crystal meth to fuel him

(Newser) - That a trucker drove cross-country while high on illegal drugs is worrisome enough—but police say Gary Robbins did that without any rest. The Alaska man was arrested in Deerfield, Mass., on Tuesday, and reportedly admitted to driving straight there from Seattle. His ride ended at a Circle K gas... More »

UPS Just Launched a Delivery Drone Off a Truck

Experiment in Florida could one day lead to more efficient rural deliveries

(Newser) - Don't be too nervous if you were in Lithia, Fla., earlier in the week and spotted a UPS truck launching a device from its roof to a nearby blueberry farm. It was all part of a test of a new drone-delivery feature the company hopes to bring to residential... More »

Video Appears to Show 'Hero' Trying to Stop Truck in Nice

Motorcyclist, others seen chasing vehicle early

(Newser) - This video out of Nice, France, shows what appears to be people trying to stop a truck before it begins its rampage through crowds of people Thursday, reports Australia's 9News . It's difficult to make out exactly what's happening, but people—it's not clear whether they're... More »

Portland Thieves Take Off With Tofu Truck

Vehicle was eventually found—but not the tofu or organic juice that was inside

(Newser) - In what could be the most Portland crime ever, the hapless driver of a refrigerated truck for a Seattle natural-foods wholesaler reported his tofu-laden vehicle stolen Tuesday, the Oregonian reports. The driver made a morning stop at a Safeway, but came back out after 20 minutes or so to find... More »

Ford's First Radical F-150 Just Rolled Off the Line

Company acknowledges taking risks with aluminum truck

(Newser) - When you've had the bestselling vehicle in the US for 32 years, why change the formula? To make it even better, Ford argues. That's why the company's 2015 F-150, which will appear at dealerships next month, will have a body made almost entirely out of aluminum rather... More »

Truck Carrying Radioactive Material Stolen in Mexico

Theft of cobalt-60 prompts fears of a dirty bomb

(Newser) - A truck laden with "dangerous" radioactive material used to fight cancer was stolen on Monday near Mexico City, says the International Atomic Energy Agency, per the BBC . "At the time the truck was stolen, the source was properly shielded. However, the source could be extremely dangerous to a... More »

Women Shot by LAPD Still Waiting for New Truck

Cops mistakenly unloaded on their vehicle in Dorner manhunt

(Newser) - In the heat of last month's manhunt for Christopher Dorner, the LAPD put 102 bullets into an SUV driven by mother-and-daughter paper carriers in a case of mistaken identity. Emma Hernandez, 71, and Margie Carranza, 47, survived but are still waiting for a new truck as promised from the... More »

Fireworks Blamed in Fatal Bridge Collapse

Chinese state media say 8 dead, 13 injured

(Newser) - A fireworks truck may have been responsible for destroying a freeway bridge in central China yesterday and killing at least eight people, AFP reports. With the 260-foot span of concrete lying in a heap of twisted cars and trucks, China National Radio first reported the death toll at 26, but... More »

Lindsay: Wonky Brakes Made Me Crash Porsche

Lohan, truck driver can't quite agree on what happened

(Newser) - That 18-wheeler Lindsay Lohan smashed into on the Pacific Coast highway this week? She says it cut her off—and what's more, she claims the newly replaced brakes on her rented Porsche failed during the accident, TMZ reports. But the truck driver ( TMZ calls him "James")... More »

Sheep Fall From Sky After Crash

No humans injured in weird Melbourne accident

(Newser) - Imagine, for a moment, that you're driving down the highway some night, minding your own business, when suddenly hundreds of sheep fall from the sky and smash into your windshield. That's what happened to motorists in Melbourne yesterday, as a truck carrying 400 sheep crashed and tipped over... More »

Why Bee Trucks Keep Crashing

Bee disease has forced drivers to shuttle the insects around

(Newser) - A truck packed with 25 million bees crashed in Utah today , only a few months after a smashed-up semi released 14 million bees Idaho. And last year, a Minnesota crash saw 17 million bees fly flee. Why so many incidents? LiveScience explains: As a mysterious bee epidemic continues to decimate... More »

Ford, Toyota Join Forces on Hybrid System

Partnership prompted by airport-terminal chat

(Newser) - A trans-Pacific partnership between Ford and Toyota is set to bring us a new generation of hybrid vehicles. The two companies will join together in creating a gas-electric hybrid system suited to light trucks and SUVs, the Wall Street Journal reports. The two firms already have hybrid systems that power... More »

Theft Spree Hits Tractor Trailers

Number of rigs that went missing spikes 67%

(Newser) - Police around the country are reporting big spikes in thefts of cargo-laden tractor trailers along the nation’s highways. Last year some 859 rigs went missing, loaded with $487 million worth of goods—a 67% increase from 2008. “In the past two months, we’ve just seen such an... More »

Feds Ban Texting by Truck, Bus Drivers

Under rules, effective immediately, fines run as high as $2,750

(Newser) - Drivers of trucks and buses who text behind the wheel will be subject to thousands of dollars in fines, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced today. The federal prohibition, which takes effect immediately, applies only to commercial vehicles. But distracted driving is one of LaHood's top issues, CNN reports. "This... More »

'Big Gay Ice Cream Truck' Roams Streets of NYC

Truck fights homophobia with weird toppings

(Newser) - This summer, there’s a new kind of ice cream truck on the streets of New York: the big, gay kind. Doug Quint, owner of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, tells Gelf Magazine about his weirdest topping (wasabi pea dust), the definition of a choinkwich (“a freshly-made chocolate... More »

Battle Over Big Rigs Pits Efficiency Against Safety

Measure would extended federal limits on big rigs

(Newser) - Bigger is not only better—it’s also safer and greener, say trucking-industry advocates who would like to see limits on the size and weight of big rigs on interstate highways lifted. One tells USA Today bigger trucks are more fuel-efficient and minimize pollution. But if truckers are successful, one... More »

Driver Clings to Stolen Truck in 70-Mile Cop Chase

(Newser) - A driver leaped onto his stolen truck as it pulled out of Georgia parking lot and held on for a 70-mile high-speed cop chase, reports CNN. The driver called police from his cell phone from the truck, and clung to the rig as the thief gunned it. The getaway was... More »

Truckers Linked to Hundreds of Serial Killings

Road-trip serial killers exploit 'mobile crime scene,' says FBI

(Newser) - The FBI believes that hundreds of hitchhikers, prostitutes, and stranded motorists have been murdered by serial killers working as long-haul truckers, reports the Los Angeles Times. Some 500 women have been murdered over the last 3 decades and their bodies discarded along highways, and at rest stops and motels frequented... More »

AT&T Will Spend $565M to Green its Vehicle Fleet

(Newser) - AT&T pledged to spend $565 million to replace its current vehicle fleet with models that run on alternative fuels, the Detroit Free Press reports. The firm will buy over 15,000 hybrid and natural-gas-powered cars, mainly from Ford. AT&T billed the move as not only environmentally responsible but... More »

Recession Drives Workers to Trucking

Surging unemployment solves industry's chronic struggle to haul in drivers

(Newser) - Hard times have reversed the trucking industry's trouble finding recruits, the Wall Street Journal reports. Applications have surged as workers who once shunned the industry's demanding conditions can no longer afford to be choosy. At the same time the number of trucks on the road has dropped. Firms that once... More »

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