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'Incredibly Rare': Extinct Wolf DNA Turns Up in Texas

Canines on Galveston Island could be red wolf-coyote hybrid

(Newser) - The red wolf was declared effectively extinct in the American wild almost 40 years ago, but, like the Neanderthal, it lives on in descendants still thriving today. That's the welcome discovery revealed in a study in Genes , which found a substantial amount of red wolf DNA in two road-kill... More »

Viral Pic Earns Eatery Worker Praise—and $16K Scholarship

Texas Waffle House employee rewarded for act of kindness toward elderly customer

(Newser) - Last Saturday, Laura Wolf stopped off at a Waffle House in her neck of the woods in Texas for a meal, and what she witnessed there—and what she did afterward—ended up changing the life of a teen Waffle House employee. Per KHOU , Wolf happened upon the La Marque... More »

Police Trying to Identify Boy Found Dead on Texas Beach

His body was found in the surf Friday night

(Newser) - On Friday evening a person walking in a sparsely populated area of Galveston Beach in southeast Texas spotted the body of a young boy in the surf and called the police. Three days later, authorities have still not be able to identify the boy. Local police can say that the... More »

Oil Tanker 'Vanishes' With $100M Cargo

Kurdish ship carries crude that may legally belong to Iraq

(Newser) - The US Coast Guard has lost track of a Kurdish tanker carrying $100 million in disputed oil off the coast of Texas, the Independent reports. Headed for Galveston, the United Kalavyrvta was anchored at least 60 miles off-shore when it vanished from radar screens. The ship's haul fell under... More »

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Hits Southern Beachgoers

Several deaths reported

(Newser) - Not long after Florida warned beachgoers to be careful, new reports are emerging of tourists suffering from flesh-eating bacteria. The Weather Channel points to reports of at least three deaths in the state this year, while others have suffered from Vibrio Vulnificus in Alabama and Texas. A Georgia man ended... More »

Man May Get US Citizenship —200 Years After Death

Bill could grant Bernardo de Galvez only the eighth such honor

(Newser) - A hero of the American Revolution who gave Galveston, Texas, its name may finally become an American. Some 200 years after he died, a bill that would give Bernardo de Gálvez y Madrid honorary citizenship will be considered by the House Judiciary Committee this week, the New York Post... More »

Texas Shipwreck Yields 'CSI Adventure'

Mystery wreck may have been bound for Texas fight for independence

(Newser) - Insights into Texas' War for Independence may have just bubbled up from 4,300 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. A mystery shipwreck 150 miles off the coast of Galveston—found carrying muskets, swords, and cannons—may have been transporting weapons and soldiers to help in the... More »

Tar Balls Hit Texas Beaches

Spill has now affected every Gulf state

(Newser) - Oil from the BP spill has now reached the shores of every Gulf state. Tar balls from the spill were found over the weekend on a Texas beach 400 miles from the Gulf gusher, AP reports. Authorities—who rapidly dispatched cleanup crews and sent BP the bill—believe the tar... More »

This Is a $1M Car—in a Lagoon

Cellphone and pelican conspire against Texas driver

(Newser) - A Texas driver distracted by a low-flying pelican took an unexpected detour—into 3 feet of water. Andy House, 34, drove a Bugatti Veyron EB, worth about $1 million, into a saltwater lagoon near Galveston. "He was calm,” the driver of the wrecker that took away the waterlogged... More »

Palm Tree Blazes Baffle Texas Officials

(Newser) - Officials in the coastal Texas town of Galveston are baffled by a series of arson fires targeting palm trees, the Houston Chronicle reports. “This is strange,” the town’s fire marshal says of the spree, which has hit 30 trees since May. “It’s the first case... More »

11 Most Threatened Historic Sites in US

(Newser) - Development, deterioration, and a lack of funds are endangering the nation's historic treasures, says the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The group released its annual list of the most endangered sites, reports ABC News. They are:
  • The Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles
  • The WWII-era Enola Gay hangar at Wendover
... More »

Judge Pleads Guilty, Avoids Sex Crime Trial

Kent headed to jail, but won't lose job without impeachment

(Newser) - US District Judge Sam Kent pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice today, as part of a deal that will allow him to duck a messy trial on sex crime charges, the Houston Chronicle reports. He then retired from the bench. “A trial would have been long, embarrassing, and difficult... More »

Ex-Presidents Call for More Ike Funds

Bush and Clinton, having raised $1.5M, see more need in devastated Texas

(Newser) - Former presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton called today for more money to aid Texas communities devastated by Hurricane Ike, the Houston Chronicle reports. The pair, who toured the Galveston area, has raised $1.5 million for their Bush-Clinton Coastal Recovery Fund. The money will be used to... More »

Ike Returnees Battle Chronic Mold Outbreak

Earlier return may have curbed fungus on Galveston Island

(Newser) - Initial relief that their Texas property survived Hurricane Ike quickly dissipated for many returning to Galveston Island who discovered colorful mold breeding wildly on virtually everything left standing. Damp, hot buildings were left sealed for two weeks when residents evacuated, giving the fungus plenty of time to nestle into the... More »

Evacuees Return to Battered Galveston

Damage varies widely in Texas town hit by Ike

(Newser) - Heaps of furniture and electronics lined Galveston's streets as evacuees returned to the Texan island to salvage their belongings, the Galveston County Daily News reports. Some were spared from Hurricane Ike’s wrath altogether, while others discovered their homes completely flattened. In the city's central housing projects, first-floor residents found... More »

Officials: Texas Needs $40B From Feds for Ike Cleanup

Mayors ask Congress to move quickly on relief

(Newser) - Texas officials told Congress today they might need up to $40 billion in aid to rebuild the state's hurricane-hit areas, the Houston Chronicle reports. The state's lieutenant governor sought at least $11.5 billion of aid and as many trailer homes as available to help the 770 communities damaged by... More »

Ike Evacuees Sneak Back Into Galveston

(Newser) - Rats, raw sewage, and a no-excuses curfew await exiled residents who try to return to Texas' storm-wrecked Galveston Island when it reopens next week, officials warned today. But that didn't keep some of the 45,000 evacuated islanders from trying to get home. Some ignored orders to turn around outside... More »

IRS Loosens Deadlines For Taxpayers Pummeled by Ike

Fall dates for filing and tax payments pushed back to Jan. in Texas, La.

(Newser) - Taxpayers in Texas counties and Louisiana parishes hit by Hurricane Ike will get until Jan. 5 to take care of tax filings and payments due this fall, the Internal Revenue Service said today. The IRS said the deadline extensions apply to 29 Texas counties and 14 Louisiana parishes declared presidential... More »

Texas Makes Little Headway in Recovery From Ike

Galveston, Houston homes still lack power, gas, water

(Newser) - Houston- and Galveston-area communities continued to struggle post-Hurricane Ike today, the AP reports. Divers cleared debris from navigation routes into Houston and looked for bodies along the coastline; most of the city remains without power for a fifth day. On Galveston Island and the nearby Bolivar Peninsula—which still lack... More »

Bush Follows Ike to Texas

(Newser) - President Bush visited Houston and took an air tour over Galveston today, urging Americans to continue contributions to the Red Cross and other charities and promising timely aid from state and federal governments, the Washington Post reports. Meanwhile, Houston Mayor Bill White grumbled about a slow FEMA response to his... More »

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