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Clean Needles Aren't the Only Tattoo Concern

Ask about the chemicals in the ink—your lymph nodes could be tainted from them

(Newser) - Besides getting stuck with a Hello Kitty tattoo for life, there's another downside to getting skin ink: Microscopic particles can taint your lymph nodes. A new study found that after a person gets a tat, nano traces of the ink containing preservatives and contaminants work their way into the... More »

Expert: No, US Won't Save Money by Switching Fonts

Teen's math all wrong, writes Fast Company columnist

(Newser) - Looks like a teen's groundbreaking idea might have been too good to be true: Switching its chosen font to Garamond won't actually save the government hundreds of millions of dollars, writes John Brownlee at Fast Company . Suvir Mirchandani, 14, made headlines by arguing that Garamond uses less ink... More »

Teen Discovers Font Change Could Save Feds $136M

Suvir Mirchandani finds Garamond is the way to go

(Newser) - A teen's science fair project could save the US government $136 million each year. Oh, and it could save you a few bucks, too. Suvir Mirchandani, 14, wanted to find a way to make his many school handouts more sustainable. It all boiled down to a single liquid: After... More »

'Indelible' Ink Washes Off, Afghan Candidates Charge

(Newser) - The supposedly indelible ink used to mark voters' fingers in today's Afghanistan election rubs off easily with household detergent, raising fears of widespread ballot fraud. Campaigners for Abdullah Abdullah, the main opposition candidate, found they could remove the ink with minimal effort, and a Guardian journalist scrubbed his finger clean... More »

Green Font Cuts Ink Costs

'Ecofont' has holes in the letters to save ink

(Newser) - A new font designed to cut printing costs saves ink by not completely filling in the letters, the AP reports. The “Ecofont,” designed by Dutch firm Spranq, has small holes in the middle of the letters that cut ink usage by 15%. The font is free on Spranq’... More »

Printer Company Develops Drug-Injection Patch

'Squirting drugs' like 'squirting ink,' says exec

(Newser) - Printer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard is teaming up with an Irish company to develop a skin patch that delivers precisely controlled amounts of drugs with tiny needles. The drug delivery system uses some of the same technology as ink printers, and could inject different drugs at different times. "Squirting ink and... More »

6 Stories