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Mexico Helps Power Texas During Storm

It transmits electricity to help state get through crisis

(Newser) - Wintry storms this week have left Texas scrambling to conserve electricity to prevent widespread blackouts. Power companies are working quickly to restore power, says Gov. Rick Perry, but rolling blackouts swept the state yesterday to help balance the lack of energy. In an ironic turn of events, Mexico's state electricity... More »

China Plans to Lead Way in Electric Cars

(Newser) - As US automakers continue their late push into the market for hybrids and electric cars, they may soon have a major new competitor to worry about: China. Beijing, which barely registers in the auto world today, has begun a major investment push and plans to join the world leaders in... More »

High Gas Prices Are Good for Detroit

Demand rising for electric alternatives, so makers, legislators must seize moment

(Newser) - Sky-high gas prices are finally pushing top US auto-makers to turn out fuel-efficient vehicles, and both Detroit and Washington should keep the pedal down to make a permanent change in how, and what, Americans drive, the US top car salesman tells the Wall Street Journal. "You have to tell... More »

Jazz Giant Zawinul Dead at 75

Keyboardist defended 'electric jazz' against purists

(Newser) - Joe Zawinul, the keyboardist who plugged America into "Electric Jazz" in the 1970s, has died at age 75. Best known for playing jazz-rock fusion with Miles Davis and starting up Weather Report with Wayne Shorter, Zawinul defended his electric sound against jazz purists. "There is no difference between... More »

4 Stories