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House Scrutinizes Health Insurer's 39% Rate Hike

Anthem Blue Cross jacks some premiums in California

(Newser) - As Congress opened a probe into a health insurer's impending premium hikes of up to 39%, President Obama yesterday cited Anthem Blue Cross's rate increases as evidence of the need for health care reform. "If we don't act, this is just a preview of coming attractions," Obama said.... More »

Ten Priciest Vehicles to Insure

And 10 more that won't leave your wallet running on empty

(Newser) - Wary consumers already smarting from soaring gas prices won't want to miss's new lists of the 10 priciest—and the 10 cheapest—cars to insure. The five with the highest premiums are:
  1. Dodge Ram Pickup
  2. Chevy Silverado C/K pickup
  3. Toyota Prius
  4. Honda Accord
  5. Nissan Altima
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Health Insurance Premiums Soar

Costs outpace wage hikes for 8 years running

(Newser) - Health insurance premiums zoomed 6.1% this year, far outrunning inflation and worker earnings, a new study has found. Since 2001, premiums for family coverage have risen 78% percent, while wages have increased by only 19% and inflation by 17%, a Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows. Still, this year's hike... More »

3 Stories