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China Introduces 'Husband Storage' Pods in Mall

Tiny rooms with gaming consoles let users play retro games

(Newser) - For men who are willing to accompany their wives to the mall but not actually inclined to shop with them, a mall in Shanghai has devised a novel answer: "husband storage" pods replete with retro video games from the 1990s, reports the BBC . The Global Harbor mall currently offers... More »

There's a Secret Club at Shanghai Disneyland

Club 33 is for Magic Kingdom's elite

(Newser) - Unless you've got close connections to Mickey or Mao, you're going to have a hard time getting into Club 33. A private members-only club by that name exists at the Disneylands in Anaheim and Tokyo, and the Los Angeles Times has discovered that the brand-new Disney park in... More »

Knife-Wielding Chinese Man Proves Crime Doesn't Pay

He probably would have made more money just selling the knife

(Newser) - They say crime doesn't pay, and damned if one bad-luck robber in China didn't just prove them right. Shanghaiist reports a knife-wielding man spent Monday terrorizing various businesses in downtown Shanghai but only succeeded in stealing pocket change before being arrested. The unidentified man started at a life... More »

Shanghai Stampede Victims Mostly Young Women

Social media users blame tragedy on migrant population

(Newser) - City officials are disclosing more information about Shanghai's New Year's Eve stampede as crowds gather in the city's waterfront area to mourn the dead. AP puts the death toll at 36; all but four of the victims identified were under 25 and 21 were women, officials say,... More »

Cops: Tossed Cash Didn't Set Off Shanghai Stampede

Families demand answers after 36 fatalities

(Newser) - The death toll from last night's stampede in Shanghai has risen to 36 as families demand answers about why so many people—hundreds of thousands—were allowed to gather in one area with so little crowd control. Among the developments:
  • Lack of police: Authorities were worried days in advance
... More »

How You Could Someday Get From China to San Fran in 100 Minutes

Supersonic vessel will fly through the water in air bubble, say researchers

(Newser) - Never heard of the term “supercavitation”? China’s about to school us all with its announcement that it’s making progress on a supersonic submarine that uses this technology, theoretically giving the underwater vessel the capability to zip along at the speed of sound, reports the South China ... More »

China Paper: Smog Good for National Security

Bad air can be bonus on battlefield, paper claims

(Newser) - As Shanghai and other Chinese cities choke on one of the worst bouts of air pollution ever recorded, a nationalist newspaper has tried to put a positive spin on the problem. The Communist Party-linked Global Times argues that while smog can affect people's health, "on the battlefield, it... More »

China Dropping Facebook Ban—in Part of One City

Banned sites allowed in Shanghai free-trade zone

(Newser) - Chinese authorities hope the new Shanghai free-trade zone will cement the city's place as a financial center, in spite of a potential drag on worker productivity—the zone will be the only place in China where banned social media sites including Facebook and Twitter are allowed, sources tell the... More »

Drug Giant's Secret to Success Is Bribery: Cops

China says it busts scheme by Glaxo, travel agencies to bribe doctors

(Newser) - China says it knows how a few Shanghai travel agencies were managing huge revenues without many bookings, and the explanation isn't pretty: They were involved in an extensive bribery scheme with executives from drug giant GlaxoSmithKline, authorities say. The firms are accused of teaming up to bribe doctors and... More »

Fearing Outbreak, Shanghai Slaughters 20K Birds

CDC researcher says agency 'fairly worried' about H7N9

(Newser) - With China scrambling to keep a lid on a budding H7N9 bird flu outbreak , authorities in Shanghai said they will close all its live poultry markets beginning tomorrow for the indefinite future, reports CNN . Some 20,000 birds have already been slaughtered at a market where traces of the bird... More »

China Scrambles to Track Mystery Bird Flu

New outbreaks as officials fear H7N9 may have mutated

(Newser) - Four more people in coastal China are hospitalized with the new H7N9 strain of bird flu, China announced yesterday. H7N9 has already killed two people and left a third in critical condition; the four new patients, aged 32 to 83, are also critically ill, the New York Times reports. Chinese... More »

Dead Pig Count Soars to 6K in Shanghai River

That river happens to supply city with 22% of its water

(Newser) - Shanghai's dead pig problem keeps getting worse. The count has jumped from 900 dead pigs four days ago to 5,913 as of yesterday, reports the AFP . And though the Huangpu River they've been fished from supplies the city with 22% of its water, officials continue to insist... More »

Nearly 3K Dead Pigs Pulled From River in China

2,813 carcasses have been retrieved

(Newser) - What sounded bad yesterday sounds a whole lot worse today. Chinese officials have fished hundreds more dead pigs out of a Shanghai river, with the number of adult and piglet carcasses retrieved surging from about 900 to 2,813 as of today. The government says the water hasn't been... More »

China Fishes 900 Dead Pigs From River

But nobody's really sure where they came from yet

(Newser) - Here's one thing you definitely don't want to find in your water source: 900 or so dead pigs. But that's exactly what Chinese officials have pulled out of a Shanghai river that serves as a city water source. But there's mystery added to the ick factor,... More »

Shark-Filled Aquarium Shatters on Shoppers

Officials blame aging materials for dramatic Shanghai accident

(Newser) - A 33.5-ton aquarium housing sharks, fish, and turtles burst in a Shanghai shopping mall last week, injuring 16 people as it sprayed shoppers with broken glass, water, and marine animals, reports the Telegraph . A video just now made available shows the tank rupture without warning, sending pieces of 6-inch-thick... More »

Chinese Man Could Make a Bundle on

Domain could be work $12K

(Newser) - When Shanghai resident John Chen bought in 2009, he had no idea Mitt Romney would make it a household name . He's just a fan of America, and decided the domain name—his for just $100—was close enough. "For us, Amercia is so near to America,... More »

Shanghai Subway Collision Injures More Than 260

Public anger erupts over second train crash since July

(Newser) - More than 260 people were injured today when two subway trains collided in central Shanghai, a government official says. Most of the wounds were bruises and bone fractures, and none were critical, Reuters reports, but one passenger says that “blood was everywhere." More »

Shanghai Disney Under Way

CEO: It will be 'both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese'

(Newser) - After a long wait , Mickey’s new home in China is officially under construction. The iconic mouse joined Disney CEO Robert Iger and top Shanghai officials—as well as Goofy, Princess Jasmine, and other friends—for a groundbreaking ceremony today at the future site of Shanghai Disneyland, the Los Angeles ... More »

Shanghai High-Rise Inferno Kills 42

Rescuers save more than 100 from 30-story apartment building

(Newser) - Flames spread through a 30-story Shanghai apartment building today, killing 42 and injuring more than 90, according to the latest reports. Sparked during a building renovation, the fire began on scaffolding before reaching the building. Some 100 people were reported rescued from the blaze, which raged through at least 10... More »

Shanghai Unleashing 'One Dog Policy'

No space for multiple dogs in city of 20M people, officials say

(Newser) - Residents of China's biggest city will soon be limited to one pooch as well as one child. Shanghai officials are finalizing a law that will ban households from owning more than one dog and require puppies to be given away to dogless households or to government adoption agencies before they... More »

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