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Education Chief to Schools: Stop Hitting Kids

John King says corporal punishment is 'harmful,' 'ineffective'

(Newser) - Education Secretary John King has a message for states where physical discipline is permitted in schools, per USA Today : Quit it. In a letter to governors and state school chiefs, King says 22 states—mostly in the South and West—still allow corporal punishment or don't forbid it. He... More »

McGwire Resurfaces as Batting Instructor

(Newser) - Mark McGwire speaks! Just not about steroids. The former home-run king granted a rare interview to the New York Times to talk about his reemergence in baseball—as a volunteer hitting instructor. “I’m such an easygoing guy,” he said in a brief reference to his steroids scandal.... More »

Manny Being Manny

Ben McGrath gets a bead on the affably subversive, obviously brilliant slugger

(Newser) - The New Yorker's Ben McGrath finagled an astounding nine minutes with Manny Ramirez, the notoriously fractious and endlessly fascinating Red Sox slugger. In the interview the reclusive Ramirez embodies all the myths about him: He's deeply personal, funny, petulant, and cryptic—besides being, arguably, "the greatest hitter of his... More »

3 Stories