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New Prime Benefit: Extra Discounts at Whole Foods

Amazon benefit will be rolling out to stores in the US this summer

(Newser) - It's Prime time at Whole Foods: Amazon is rolling out discounts for Prime members at the organic grocer. The benefits start Wednesday at stores in Florida and will expand nationwide this summer, the AP reports. Prime members will get an additional 10% off sale items and exclusive deals on... More »

Amazon Going for Grocery Rivals' Jugulars

It now offers 2-hour grocery delivery in 4 markets

(Newser) - If traditional grocers aren't intimidated by Amazon's no-checkout grocery store , they might be by the company's latest venture in the world of food. Amazon Prime subscribers in Dallas, Cincinnati, Virginia Beach, and Austin, Texas, can now buy Whole Foods groceries online and have them delivered in two... More »

Walmart Will Physically Put Groceries in Your Fridge Now

Grocery shopping. Just. Got. Lazier

(Newser) - You might think grocery shopping couldn't get any lazier than home deliveries. You would be wrong. Fortune reports Walmart—in its never-ending competition with Amazon—is testing out a grocery delivery service in which the delivery person actually enters the customer's home and puts the groceries away in... More »

Under Amazon, This Item Is 43% Cheaper at Whole Foods

Eating an organic apple a day won't cost so much now

(Newser) - Under Amazon, "Whole Paycheck" may need to be updated as "Most-but-Not-All-of-My Paycheck." Amazon on Monday finalized its $13.7 billion takeover of the grocer, and Bloomberg reports new orange signs marked "Whole Foods + Amazon" now appear throughout the grocery store and herald the new prices... More »

Tech Giant Is Getting Into the Convenience Store Game

Sources say Amazon wants to expand further into grocery market

(Newser) - Amazon is about to expand ever further into the grocery business in a big way, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . Plans include opening convenience stores where shoppers can grab perishable groceries (milk, meat, fruit, etc.) to take home while using their mobile phones or touchscreens inside the store... More »

America's 10 Favorite Grocery Stores

Trader Joe's takes the cake ... or the Speculoos Cookie Butter

(Newser) - America's most beloved grocery store is once again Trader Joe's. That's the conclusion of Market Force Information , which surveyed 7,200 people on 14 grocery chains. It's the third consecutive year Trader Joe's has taken the top spot, with Publix once again nipping at its... More »

Good Samaritan Buys Groceries for Strangers

Anonymous do-gooder surprises shoppers in California

(Newser) - Shoppers at a grocery store in Concord, Calif., got an unexpected surprise at the register this week: free food courtesy of an anonymous stranger, reports the Contra Costa Times . The Good Samaritan showed up at the Grocery Outlet yesterday afternoon and got the permission of the manager for his unusual... More »

Amazon Begins Push to Be Your Supermarket, Too

Company expanding AmazonFresh project, which delivers food

(Newser) - Amazon plans to expand a grocery-delivering experiment in Seattle to metro areas across the US through 2014, reports Reuters . If successful, AmazonFresh could mean seriously bad news not only for supermarket chains such as Kroger and Whole Foods, but delivery services such as FedEx and UPS, writes Alistair Barr. Delivering... More »

Supermarkets Cut Prices— Just for You

Marketers gather heaps of data on individuals, tailor coupons to them

(Newser) - The food shopping of the future could look a lot more like buying airline tickets: You might not be paying the same price as the person next to you. That's because Safeway and Kroger—and likely soon other supermarkets—are tailoring personal prices based on your purchase history, reports... More »

Your New Grocery Store: Dollar General?

Chain hopes offering groceries will draw in more customers

(Newser) - When you think dollar stores, you probably think of Tiki statues, fragile toys, and cheap kitchen implements. But Dollar General is trying to change all that, the Wall Street Journal reports, by taking a real shot at the grocery market. Over the next year, the discount chain intends to open... More »

Consumer Reports: Try Generic Brand Foods

They frequently beat brand names on taste

(Newser) - Consumer Reports offers some age-old advice the next time you're cruising the grocery aisle: Don't pay for the brand name. It recently sampled 21 food products and found that generic brands beat or tied the brand-name version in taste on 14 of them. Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, for instance, lost... More »

Women Spend 3 Years of Life Shopping

That's more than 25,000 hours over 63 years

(Newser) - It’s official: women shop a lot. A survey by a marketing firm finds that over a 63-year lifespan, the average female will spend about 2 years and 10 months—or 25,184 hours and 53 minutes—shopping for food, clothes, and the like. A spokesman says the results aren’... More »

Relax, Expiration Dates Are Nearly Meaningless

Food dating is utterly unregulated, and unreliable

(Newser) - Forget that date on the meat you bought last week; if it looks good and smells good, you can probably just eat it. Expiration dates are just about meaningless, argues Nadia Arumugam on Slate , because food’s deterioration has a lot more to do with how it’s stored than... More »

Food Prices Boom, But Organic Still Sells

Despite rising consumer prices, revenues should reach $33B in 2008

(Newser) - Sales of pricey organic foods have remained strong despite rising food prices, proving organic naysayers wrong, Meredith Niles blogs in Grist. In fact the organics industry has enjoyed double-digit growth since 2005, and while it may not achieve such impressive numbers this year, the trend suggests that consumers are happy... More »

Supermarkets Downsize to Speed Up Shopping

'Express' outlets cut back on miles of aisles for rushed shoppers

(Newser) - American supermarkets are starting to shrink after decades of getting bigger and bigger, the New York Times reports. The average supermarket is still larger than a football field, but retailers have begun opening smaller outlets to appeal to rushed consumers who want to pick up groceries without having to wander... More »

How to Shop, and Save, Green

Yes, things are pricier, but there are steps that go easy on wallet and planet

(Newser) - Want to green your grocery list while keeping more green in your wallet? Grist lists a few ways to buy eco-cheap:
  • Make a list: Buying only what you need keeps costs and waste down.
  • Avoid GMOs: Genetically modified crops reduce agricultural biodiversity and raise serious health questions.
  • Buy organic: Organic
... More »

Shoppers Give Up Organics as Food Prices Soar

Groceries high, organic even higher

(Newser) - With a gallon of organic milk costing a whopping $7 and a conventional gallon going for $2.99, cash-strapped shoppers are skipping organic groceries. That means the $19 billion industry, which has ballooned 150% since 2001, may now be shrinking, Newsweek reports. “I miss it terribly,” said one... More »

Dollar-Store Dining Possible in Big Apple

Creative cooks can find big value, bigger flavor at bargain grocers

(Newser) - Grocery-shopping in New York City takes a hefty toll on one’s pocketbook, Henry Alford writes in the New York Times, but at 99-cent stores, more diamonds in the rough exist than one might expect. Alford embarked on a challenge: to craft a week's worth of meals made mainly from... More »

Market Forces Conspire Against English Breakfast

Cost of traditional meal soars with grain prices

(Newser) - Soaring wheat prices are rippling across the British economy and hitting hard in a very important place: the kitchen. The cost of a traditional full English breakfast is on the rise, reports the Times of London, thanks in large part to the price of the grain, which is integral not... More »

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