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Man Sues Hospital After Surprise Penis Amputation

It was supposed to be a routine circumcision, but something went terribly wrong

(Newser) - Oops. An Alabama man may have just experienced one of man's worst nightmares—he awoke from surgery stunned to find that his penis had been amputated. In a lawsuit he and his wife filed against a hospital and two doctors, Johnny Lee Banks Jr. says he'd gone in... More »

Oldest Known Erotic 'Graffiti' Found in Greece

Phalluses, sexual boasting dating back to 5th century BC leave little to the imagination

(Newser) - Think phallic graffiti art exclusively belongs to the baseless present? Think again. An archaeologist has uncovered what the Guardian touts as the earliest erotic graffiti on the planet, found in Greece—and predating, in one case, even Athens' Acropolis . Since 2011 , Dr. Andreas Vlachopoulos has been directing fieldwork on the... More »

Man Sues Hospital for Shortening Penis

Canadian says his wife left him

(Newser) - Next time someone complains about all the weird lawsuits in the US, point to Canada: A man has sued a hospital there because he says it shortened his penis, reports AFP . This does not get any less strange in the telling: The unidentified Montreal resident says he injured his penis... More »

Wild Discovery: Insects With Female Penises

Tiny creatures have sex for 40 to 70 hours

(Newser) - For the first time, scientists have discovered animals whose genitalia seem to be swapped: The female has a penis-like structure while the male has an organ akin to a vagina, LiveScience reports. The animals in question are four species of flea-sized insects from the genus Neotrogla, found in Brazilian caves.... More »

FDA Approves Drug for Penis Curvature

Xiaflex is a little pricey, though

(Newser) - Men suffering from serious and even painful penis curvature have a new medical option—if they can afford to pay $26,000 or more. The FDA has approved Xiaflex , a drug that targets Peyronie's disease by reducing the build-up of a protein that creates scar tissue in the penis,... More »

Colbert: NASA's Penis Doodle Proves Our Cosmic Might

He discusses NASA's latest 'feat'

(Newser) - The United States has its problems, but Stephen Colbert thinks that NASA's latest feat clearly shows America's cosmic might—that feat being an image of a penis left on Mars. The Internet erupted after a photo of the seemingly phallic track patterns the Curiosity rover left in the... More »

'Penis-Snatching' Case Startles Visitor in Africa

Anthropologist 'intrigued' by alleged witchcraft

(Newser) - An American anthropologist was surprised to encounter reports of penis-snatching in an African village—but only because the "crime" is normally confined to more populated areas, the Daily Mail reports. Writing at AlterNet , Louisa Lombard recounts her visit to the village of Tiringoulou in the Central African Republic, where... More »

This Sea Slug Sheds Penis, Grows New One in 24 Hours

Ability to shed, re-grow sex organ surprises

(Newser) - The Chromodoris reticulata has a peculiar way of mating: After the deed is done, the sea slug sheds its penis ... and then grows a new one within 24 hours and does the whole thing again. "I haven't seen anything like this before," says one expert. A team... More »

Man With World's Biggest Penis Gets TSA Patdown

Jonah Falcon's 9-incher leaves TSA agents befuddled

(Newser) - Jonah Falcon is used to delays at airport security. After all, he has the world's largest penis—9 inches flaccid and 13.5 inches at full staff. So his frisking at San Francisco International Airport last week was hardly a surprise, the Huffington Post reports. "One of the... More »

New Drug May Combat Penis Curvature

Xiaflex passes two late-stage clinical trials

(Newser) - Men suffering from penis curvature may be able to straighten things out—at least somewhat, the New York Times reports. Auxilium Pharmaceuticals says its drug, Xiaflex, passed two clinical trials and reduced curvature from 48 degrees to 31 degrees after a year of treatment in one of them. The results... More »

Japanese Artist Serves Up Own Cooked Genitals

Mao Sugiyama charged $250 a plate

(Newser) - A Japanese artist recently cooked and served up his own genitals for diners at $250 a plate—to raise awareness about sexual minorities and pay for his hospital bills, the AFP reports. Mao Sugiyama, who calls himself asexual, had his private parts removed this spring and kept them frozen until... More »

Jury Chucks Man's Chopped Penis Lawsuit

Doc found life-threatening cancer during circumcision, did partial amputation

(Newser) - Yes, he sliced off part of a man’s penis—but he also saved the guy’s life, said a jury in an unusual Kentucky court battle. Philip Seaton, 64, sued Dr. John Patterson for “loss of service, love and affection" over a circumcision that took off more than... More »

Downside to Pistol-Packing: Man Shoots Own Penis

Gun tucked into his waistband accidentally discharges

(Newser) - Here's one more argument for stricter gun control: A pistol-packer can shoot his own penis. A Phoenix shopper found that out the extremely painful way when he tucked his girlfriend's pink pistol into his waistband and it accidentally discharged in a grocery store parking lot—sending a bullet... More »

Taxpayers Fund Study on Gay Men's Penis Size

To some, the results are less shocking than the study itself

(Newser) - Who's more preoccupied with the penis size of gay men: other gay men or the government? The National Institutes of Health recently conducted a study to find out how penis size affects the sexual health of gay men, reports the Daily Caller . Among the findings: Those who felt they... More »

Penis-Cutting Wife May Have Poisoned Hubby's Soup

Cheating may have led to attack

(Newser) - The California woman who allegedly cut off her husband’s penis may first have drugged his tofu soup. Catherine Kieu Becker’s husband’s dinner tasted odd, and remnants of it have been sent to a lab in an attempt to figure out which poison may have been used, a... More »

How to Replace a Severed Penis

Getting 'Bobbitted' isn't the end of your sex life

(Newser) - Note to guys: If your penis is ever chopped off, never fear. You can get a new one—and it'll still work, MyHealthNewsDaily reports. The ideal solution, says a doctor, is to reattach the original equipment. But if it’s been, say, put through a garbage disposal, as the... More »

Finger Length Can Point to Size of Man's...

Men with a smaller finger ratio have longer penises: study

(Newser) - You know what they say about men with big feet, right? Well, now you can trade that phrase in for one just a bit more cumbersome: Men whose index and ring fingers are nearly the same size are more likely to have a long penis than men whose digits don'... More »

Circumcision Certificate OK in Arizona Birther Bill

The snip that might prove citizenship

(Newser) - If President Obama can't come up with his long-form birth certificate to run in Arizona, his circumcision papers might be sufficient to pass the state's 'birther bill' requirements —if he has any. Arizona's bill, passed by the state Senate, initially insisted that only a long-form... More »

Finally, a Human Specimen for Iceland Penis Museum

95-year-old's pickled member will go on display

(Newser) - Whale penises, seal penises, bear penises: Iceland's Phallological Museum has them all, but it was missing one thing: a human member. That all changed when 95-year-old Pall Arason died, leaving his penis to the museum, which opened in 1997. Sigurdur Hjartarson, Arason's friend who runs the museum in Husavik, says... More »

Why Humans No Longer Have Spiky Penises

It's all because of a missing piece of DNA

(Newser) - Were it not for evolution, sex could be a pretty uncomfortable prospect. But fortunately for humans, the male penis evolved in one particularly nice way: it lost its spikes. Some animals, including chimps and mice, still have penises dotted with hard spines. But Stanford researchers have discovered one particular chunk... More »

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