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Let's Not Forget the Cost of War

Roger Cohen asks: have we not learned 'the lessons of Iraq'?

(Newser) - A Washington Post journalist suggested that a “showdown” with Iran could help the US economy; now a key GOP senator wants to “go beyond sanctions” and “neuter that regime.” Seeing a blinded, one-legged veteran makes Roger Cohen wonder: Have we forgotten the cost of war? It’... More »

Palin Makes Good Copy, Not Good Candidate

Sarah Palin is good for business, but beware inflating presidential prospects

(Newser) - That Sarah Palin drives up TV ratings and online traffic is clear, but listen up, mainstream media—that doesn’t mean she’s the next big thing in Republican politics. Just look at the polls , Jim Vandehei and Jonathan Martin write for Politco . They say they “know we’re... More »

Health Care Victory is Sweet But Stinks

Historic bill is tainted by political travesty

(Newser) - Getting a health care reform bill through the Senate is a historic victory for the Democrats but it's one you have to hold your nose to appreciate, writes David S. Broder. This should have been a proud moment for the Senate, but it instead degenerated into "a travesty of... More »

Aide: Mac 'Greatest Closer of All Time'

Davis predicts McCain surprise win

(Newser) - McCain campaign manager Rick Davis told Fox News Sunday that the Republicans will seize Pennsylvania and the Southwestern states for a come-from-behind finish on Tuesday, the Hill reports. “John McCain may be the greatest closer politician of all time,” he said. Other highlights from the talk shows:
  • An
... More »

Right-Wing Voices Get More Ink

Report: 60% of papers run more conservatives, 20% more liberals

(Newser) -  Voices from the right dominate those from the left in US newspapers, with the former reaching 152 million buyers and the latter only 125 million. Sixty percent  of papers print more conservative syndicated columnists, while just 20% run more liberals, according to a report by Media Matters for America.... More »

5 Stories