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Protests Rock Egypt; Military Promises to Reshuffle Cabinet

One protester dead as cops, soldiers ignore street battle

(Newser) - Egypt's military leaders are promising to reshuffle their Cabinet after an angry parliament suspended sessions today, calling for the government to be sacked entirely, the AP reports. Despite the standoff, parliament Speaker Saad el-Katatni said the military council's concession restored "dignity" to the nation's Islamist-dominated, 3-month... More »

Suharto Leaves Complex Legacy

Corrupt, cruel--and fondly remembered

(Newser) - The death of Suharto, Indonesia's ferociously anti-communist dictator for more than 30 years, leaves islanders ambivalent: On the one hand, he created economic prosperity; on the other, he enriched himself and his cronies, and brutally suppressed opponents, leaving hundreds of thousands imprisoned or dead. "He was 50% good and... More »

Musharraf Won't Budge for US

In further blow to power, president's political party calls for end to martial law

(Newser) - In a face-to-face meeting today with a top American diplomat, Pervez Musharraf remained tightlipped when pressed on when he would end emergency rule in Pakistan. Musharraf told John Negroponte he would cease martial law when security improves in the country, but his resistance is winning him few fans in Pakistan... More »

Pakistani Troops Grab Activists

Media forbidden to express opposition views after Musharraf declares emergency

(Newser) - Pakistani soldiers today began rounding up activists, lawyers and judges at gunpoint a day after President Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency, suspending the constitution and banning free speech. Media and police sources say 1,500 opposition figures have been detained; Prime Minister Shaukat Aziztold reporters there have been... More »

Deal or No Deal, Bhutto Will Return Oct. 18

Ex-PM to end 8 years in exile; relations with Musharraf unsettled

(Newser) - Ex-PM Benazir Bhutto will return to Pakistan on October 18, her party said today, even without a power-sharing deal with Pervez Musharraf that would let her serve another term. Bhutto, who a party spokesman said will “bring back true democracy,” objects to Musharraf's plans to remain both president... More »

5 Stories