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Sununu Chalks Up Powell's Obama Endorsement to Race

And then immediately walks it back after TV interview

(Newser) - John Sununu is co-chair of Mitt Romney's campaign and thus not happy that Republican Colin Powell endorsed President Obama. But the former White House chief of staff raised eyebrows last night on CNN with how he dismissed its importance:
  • "When you take a look at Colin Powell, you
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Romney Launches All-Out Attack on Newt

Surrogates slam him as an unreliable leader

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has taken the gloves off. Advisers James Talent and John Sununu held a conference call with reporters yesterday to trash Newt Gingrich, with Talent saying he was "not a reliable and trusted leader," and Sununu alleging that he "is more concerned about Newt Gingrich than... More »

Forbes Endorses Perry; Sununu Backs Romney

Two big 2012 endorsements announced

(Newser) - Steve Forbes predictably loves Rick Perry’s flat tax plan , so the businessman and two-time presidential candidate is officially backing Perry for president, The Hill reports. “With firm leadership which Rick Perry will provide—which is why I'm endorsing him for president—I think this will be a... More »

Congress Has Only One Option in 2011: Deal

Tax cut agreement paves the way: Sununu

(Newser) - There are only two ways of getting anything done in Washington: You can "drive" legislation through or you can make a "deal," writes former New Hampshire Sen. John Sununu in the Boston Globe . To use the "drive" technique, the party leadership in both houses lend their... More »

GOP Needs Its Brains Back

(Newser) - Republican sycophants may think Sarah Palin’s resignation was brilliant, “but don’t kid yourself,” writes Robert Eisinger in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The GOP is in trouble.” The party has lost its intellectual coherence, and if it wants it back, it’s got to look beyond... More »

10 Senate Races to Watch

Dems could pick up 8 seats; GOP could oust Landrieu in La.

(Newser) - With 35 Senate seats up for grabs Tuesday, Chris Cillizza, in the Washington Post, predicts Democrats will flip eight. Two more are close calls for the Dems, while the GOP has one hope for a pickup. Starting with the most likely:
  1. Virginia is in the bag for Mark Warner; he
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As McCain Falls, NH Senator Faces Trouble

Sununu in hotly fought battle as Granite State turns on GOP

(Newser) - One of this year's most bitterly contested Senate races is in New Hampshire, where the Republican John Sununu is facing a rematch with Jeanne Shaheen, whom he defeated in 2002. In the famously independent Granite State, Sununu was counting on the popularity of John McCain to propel him to victory.... More »

NH Senate Rematch a Likely Bellwether Race

Incumbent Sununu faces Shaheen in key test of Democratic wave

(Newser) - As Democrats look to pick up as many as 10 Senate seats in November, perhaps no race has so much riding the Democratic wave than New Hampshire, where Democrat Jeanne Shaheen again takes on John Sununu for a seat Republicans have held for 30 years. As the New York Times ... More »

10 Senate Seats Likely to Flip

Blogger runs down races to watch

(Newser) - The presidency isn’t the only job up for grabs this November. The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza runs down (in order) the Senate seats most likely to flip parties:
  1. Ex-Virginia governor Mark Warner (D) is mounting a “sure-thing bid.”
  2. The survivor of the New Mexico GOP primary
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NH Operative Fingers GOP Brass in 2002 Phone Scam

Author claims he's goat in 'old-school cover-up'

(Newser) - A political operative jailed in a scheme to jam Democratic phones during 2002's Senate race in New Hampshire claims the scandal originated in the upper reaches of the Republican Party, McClatchy Newspapers report. Allen Raymond’s book, How to Rig an Election, accuses the party of an “old-school cover-up,... More »

Shaheen Enters NH Senate Race

Ex-governor will challenge newly weakened Republican incumbent in rematch

(Newser) - Democrat Jeanne Shaheen will run again for US Senate from New Hampshire, hoping to set up a rematch against Republican rival John Sununu. The ex-governor lost to Sununu in a tight, bitter race in 2002, and the freshman senator’s tireless support of the war has eroded his support and... More »

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