Ridley Scott

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Report: Williams Got 0.07% of Male Co-Star's Pay for Reshoot

She's said to have made less than $1K for 'All the Money in the World' redo

(Newser) - The biggest controversy surrounding Ridley Scott's latest movie used to be the replacement of disgraced actor Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer. Now, new commotion surrounding All the Money in the World, with USA Today reporting a good portion of the money in the reshoot budget went to Mark Wahlberg,... More »

Ridley Scott on Airing Spacey Footage: 'Over My Dead Body'

Says he hasn't heard a peep from the actor since he decided to cut him from film

(Newser) - Director Ridley Scott says he hasn't heard from Kevin Spacey since the decision was made to cut the actor from All the Money in the World. "I don't know where he is," Scott said in a recent interview. "He's gone down underground." All ... More »

Alien Franchise Emerges From Its Rut

'Alien: Covenant' is 'among the better chapters'

(Newser) - A spaceship arrives on a distant planet that looks like a perfect new home for humans in Alien: Covenant. But if you know anything about Alien movies, you'll know there's only terror in store. Here's what critics are saying about the latest installment of the franchise, with... More »

Ebola Coming to Your TV, Thanks to Ridley Scott

He's planning limited series based on 'The Hot Zone'

(Newser) - Just what an already paranoid public needs: Ridley Scott is working on a TV series about Ebola. The limited series, produced by Fox TV Studios, will be based on Richard Preston's 1994 best-seller The Hot Zone. The nonfiction book gives an account of the disease's history and discusses... More »

A-Listers Can't Help The Counselor

Critics call it 'bleak,' 'pretentious,' and 'soulless'

(Newser) - Despite big names like Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, and Penelope Cruz, Cormac McCathy's first shot at screenwriting isn't sitting well with critics, who've granted The Counselor a 34% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes . Audiences don't seem impressed with the Ridley Scott flick... More »

Forget Ridley: Tony Was the More Talented Scott Brother

Alex Pareene reflects on why he loved the late director

(Newser) - Ridley Scott may be the better known Scott brother, but Tony Scott—who jumped to his death yesterday —was the better film director, writes Alex Pareene on Salon . He realizes this sounds "ridiculous," but challenges readers to "stop and think about how many films by each... More »

Top Gun Director Leaps to Death From LA Bridge

Tony Scott left suicide note in his Prius: cops

(Newser) - Top Gun director Tony Scott committed suicide yesterday by leaping to his death from a Los Angeles bridge, according to authorities. Scott, 68, jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge, which spans San Pedro and Terminal Island, reports AP . He reportedly jumped " without hesitation ." A suicide note was found... More »

Madagascar 3 Vanquishes Prometheus

Animated threequel pulls in $60.4M in debut

(Newser) - The circus animals of Madagascar 3 romped all over Ridley Scott's Prometheus this weekend, with the animated family favorite scoring a $60.4 million debut, notes the Hollywood Reporter . Scott's alien saga came in at No. 2 with $50 million, a reasonable showing given an R rating that... More »

Prometheus Tries Way Too Hard

Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender star in Ridley Scott film

(Newser) - Critics agree: The visuals in Ridley Scott's Prometheus are stunning. As for the story—about a space crew tracking the aliens who may have created us—it's a little too heavy for its own good.
  • "Prometheus could have been an elegant, moody sci-fi actioner if only it
... More »

Ridley Scott to Direct New Blade Runner

Alcon Entertainment slated to produce upcoming sequel or prequel

(Newser) - "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe..." But would the infamous replicant leader in Blade Runner believe that director Ridley Scott is making a new version of the 1982 sci-fi classic? Sequel or prequel, nobody seems to know—and Harrison Ford's participation is a question... More »

Blade Runner Sequel Planned

Production firm in talks to buy rights to sci-fi classic's universe

(Newser) - Other Blade Runner movies could be here in time for 2019, the year when the 1982 sci-fi classic takes place. Production company Alcon Entertainment says it's in the final stages of talks to acquire the rights to make prequels and sequels based on the settings and characters of the original,... More »

Gritty Robin Hood Misses Bulls-Eye

No merry men to be found in Ridley Scott's prequel to outlaw legend

(Newser) - Naturally Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe doen't skimp on fights or period color in their gritty take on Robin Hood, but they've both done better, say critics, than this downbeat tale some feel lacks a "beating heart."
  • "it’s reassuring to see Russell Crowe back in fighting
... More »

New Book Bares Russell Crowe's Crazy Side

Actor indulges in wee-hours phone calls, prima donna behavior on set

(Newser) - With Russell Crowe's latest film on the horizon, a new book about DreamWorks is perfectly timed to take advantage of curiosity about the famously short-tempered actor. Some juicy details from Nicole LaPorte's The Men Who Would Be King: An Almost Epic Tale of Moguls, Movies, and a Company called DreamWorks,... More »

Top Conservative Flicks of the '00s

Even Hollywood can make movies for the non-'lily-livered:' Nile Gardiner

(Newser) - "Hollywood may well be a bastion of liberalism, but it does continue to occasionally produce major films that advance conservative principles," Nile Gardiner writes in the Telegraph . His best of the aughts:
  1. Master and Commander, 2003: The Peter Weir flick starring Russell Crowe is "an epic tale
... More »

Avatar Success Sparks 3D Rush in Tinseltown

Industry abuzz with talk of rejiggering movies new and old

(Newser) - The unexpected-by-some success of Avatar’s 3D iteration has sparked a flurry in Hollywood, with big names screaming for the chance to make their audiences wear funny glasses. Sharon Waxman has it on good authority that Ridley Scott wants his upcoming Robin Hood flick released in 3D, and that the... More »

Richardson Lives on Through Donated Organs

Plus, Redgrave signs on for new film

(Newser) - Natasha Richardson’s death had the tiniest sliver of a silver lining: Her family donated her organs, the New York Post reports. “Doctors spent six hours harvesting all her organs. Some patient is going to wake up in the recovery room and start reciting Shakespeare,” said a source.... More »

Naughty Sienna Booted From Robin Hood

Sources say problem was Crowe's weight or Miller's affair

(Newser) - Sienna Miller's dalliance with a married actor has reportedly gotten her kicked off Ridley Scott's remake of Robin Hood, the Telegraph reports. "Sienna's image just wasn't right" to play Maid Marian, a source working on the movie said, "especially after her controversial affair with Balthazar Getty."... More »

Body of Lies Too Conventional

Film has atmosphere but 'flawed' story

(Newser) - The CIA thriller Body of Lies is “always crisp and watchable,” but “it ends up too unconvincing and conventional to consistently hold our attention,” writes Kenneth Turan in the LA Times. The story of an anti-terror mission played out on the ground but guided from the... More »

Iran Bars Actress From Leaving Country

Hollywood-bound DiCaprio co-star stopped at airport

(Newser) - Iran has barred an actress from leaving the country after details of her role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in a spy thriller emerged, the Guardian reports. Golshifteh Farahani was on her way to Hollywood to discuss future roles when authorities stopped her at the airport. A trailer for the thriller, Body ... More »

Super Bowl Ads Mirror US Mood

Boom times inspire better ads, MSNBC reports

(Newser) - Super Bowl ads reveal the economic tenor of our times, MSNBC reports. Boom times spark creative commercials, like Apple's famed Ridley Scott-directed "1984" plug, which aired as economic confidence was rising. “Every year it really does mirror the biggest trends that year—what’s happening in the economy... More »

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