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Slain Cop Who Stopped Immigrant Is Hailed as a 'Hero'

Cpl. Ronil Singh was killed the day after Christmas

(Newser) - A California police officer who was killed in the line of duty was hailed Saturday as a "Fiji-born American hero" who made the ultimate sacrifice for his adopted country, the AP reports. At a funeral held for Cpl. Ronil (row-neel) Singh, mourners remembered the 33-year-old as a hard-working immigrant... More »

One City's Police Suicide Rate Raises Alarms

Chicago just saw its fifth police suicide in 6 months

(Newser) - Facing high suicide rates, Chicago police have decided to make a change. The fifth Chicago police suicide over the past six months—another self-inflicted gunshot wound on Tuesday—only reinforced the need for officers to have access to better psychological counseling and support, NBC News reports. "Police officers think,... More »

Alleged Theft at Cop Station Goes as Well as You'd Expect

Would-be bike thief caught within seconds: police

(Newser) - The words "Gladstone Police" printed in large letters on a window next to a bicycle rack wasn't enough of a deterrent for an alleged thief, whom Oregon officers accuse of trying to steal a bike right from under their noses. A surveillance video shared Monday on Facebook —... More »

The Plot Was Marked 'Searched.' Only the Half Without the Body Was

Coroner finds fault in search for Australia's Darrell Simon

(Newser) - For 18 months, family and friends wondered what had happened to Darrell Simon. The 46-year-old Australian had vanished after setting out from his girlfriend's home, 50 miles west of Brisbane, on a bike ride in November 2014, and the delay in locating him led some to suspect he died... More »

He Screamed 'Why Don't You Die!' Then, Embarrassment

Australian man trying to kill spider got a little fired up

(Newser) - Two legs good, eight legs bad—not one of the commandments from Animal Farm, but rather the deep-seated feelings of an Australian man whose reaction to a spider ended up drawing law enforcement to his home. Per the Guardian , a report came in to police that a passer-by strolling past... More »

Cops: We're Worried About Zika in Your Meth. Let Us Test It.

Police department in Louisiana gets a little snarky in Facebook post

(Newser) - 'Tis the season for cheeky police departments, and this Sunday we present you with the fine officers in Harahan, La., who are apparently very concerned that your meth might be contaminated. "If you have recently purchased meth in any area of Louisiana it may be contaminated with the... More »

Black Officer Suspended for Using Racial Slur

Cincinnati police look at N-word cases

(Newser) - Is this a case of equal-opportunity suspension? Two days after a white Ohio police officer was suspended for using the "N-word" on duty, a black officer got the same treatment for doing the same thing—though he did it back in September, USA Today reports. The story unfolded Wednesday... More »

Wedding-Day Couple Gets in Car Crash. Then, This

Joseph DeMichele and Feliece Terwilliger go on wild ride

(Newser) - A Long Island couple, a car crash, and the world's most earnest cop—what more do you need on a wedding day? Joseph DeMichele and fiancée Feliece Terwilliger were driving to say "I do" Saturday in the village of Lake Grove when they crashed into a car... More »

Girl Told to Clean Room Calls 911 on Parents

Police say 9-year-old got a 'talking to'

(Newser) - Police in Ontario have told parents to make sure their children know that 911 is a number to be called in emergencies only—and it is not an emergency when your parents ask you to clean your room. The Ontario Provincial Police say they rushed to a residence in Simcoe... More »

Bullet-Ridden NYPD Car Found in Philly

But it's not exactly what it seemed to be

(Newser) - Philadelphia police say they were startled to spot a bullet-ridden New York City police cruiser with a broken windshield on a city expressway early Thanksgiving morning, the AP reports. Police say they tried to stop the car only to have the driver flee. They say the cruiser was later found... More »

After Mom's Arrest, Girl Left in Vehicle Overnight

Workers at the impound lot eventually heard her crying

(Newser) - A 4-year-old girl spent a cold night alone in a vehicle at an impound lot after her mom was arrested for alleged drunk driving. The van was towed to the Milwaukee lot around 12:30am Tuesday after police removed a 10-month-old child from the vehicle but missed the girl, WBTV... More »

After Explosion, NYPD Pulls 3K Body Cameras

Officer removed device when he saw smoke

(Newser) - The nation's largest police force suffered a major setback to its body camera program Sunday after one of them blew up. Officials said Sunday that use of 2,990 Vievu-brand LE-5 cameras has been suspended because of the incident in a Staten Island station house, NBC News reports. Police... More »

Trump Has Tough Message for Chicago Cops

The president says he endorses stop-and-frisk

(Newser) - President Donald Trump drew an enthusiastic response from a law-and-order crowd Monday, advocating the use of "stop and frisk" policing and saying he has directed the Justice Department to work with local officials in Chicago to stem violence in the nation's third-largest city, the AP reports. "The... More »

Officer Allegedly Sold Opioids Out of His Squad Car

Officials say he did it while in uniform

(Newser) - Authorities say a police officer from a small town in the Florida Panhandle faces charges he sold opioids out of his squad car while in uniform. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said Saturday agents arrested Officer Dwayne White at the Bonifay Police Department. The FDLE says it began an... More »

Suspected Cop Killer Is 74, Boasted of His Gun Skills

74-year-old suspect in custody after 7 officers were shot, one fatally, in South Carolina

(Newser) - A clearer picture is emerging from Wednesday's assault on police officers at a home in an upscale neighborhood in Florence, South Carolina. Seven officers were shot, one of them fatally, before police arrested 74-year-old Frederick Hopkins after a two-hour standoff. Police had gone to the home to serve a... More »

Cops: Only 1 Type of Coyote Warrants a Call to Us

His name is Wile E.

(Newser) - Police in North Royalton, Ohio, were apparently getting too many needless calls about coyote sightings. Solution? A tongue-in-cheek Facebook post asking people to refrain from reaching for the phone—unless it's one specific coyote, reports Cincinnati.com . The tongue-in-cheek part will be instantly recognizable to anyone who watched Looney... More »

All Cops in a Once-Glam Beach City Just Got Busted

Acapulco's police force was believed to be infiltrated by gangs

(Newser) - Marines surrounded a facility Tuesday in the Mexican beach town of Acapulco, rounding up hundreds of people and stripping them of "weapons, ballistic vests, cartridges, and communication radios," a spokesman for a joint law enforcement and military task force says, per CNN . Those arrested included Acapulco's entire... More »

Inmates Freed Thanks to Allegedly Crooked Deputy

Zachary Wester is accused of planting meth on unsuspecting drivers

(Newser) - A former Florida deputy was allegedly so corrupt that dozens of people arrested by him are going free, the Tallahassee Democrat reports. Zachary Wester, a Jackson County deputy from 2016 to 2018, reportedly planted methamphetamine on unaware drivers during needless traffic stops—and that's how it appeared to at... More »

Traffic Stop Becomes Life-Changing Moment

A man identified only as Kenneth had a unique way to propose marriage

(Newser) - A woman was in for a huge surprise when Miami Beach police pulled her over, the AP reports. She and her boyfriend got out of the car. An officer asked the boyfriend if he had anything to say. And that's when the man, identified as Kenneth, got down on... More »

NJ Bride Rescued From Flooded Car

She didn't even get her dress wet

(Newser) - A bride facing an enormous amount of rain on her wedding day was rescued from a flooded car in New Jersey on Saturday. Police in Bogota say they rescued the just-married bride and groom after their vehicle became trapped by floodwaters at an intersection at around 6pm, Time reports. The... More »

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