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London Cops End $18M Wait for Assange

Police say they've spent almost $18M waiting for WikiLeaks founder to emerge

(Newser) - London cops have been staking out the Ecuadorian Embassy 24 hours a day for three years, waiting for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to venture out. That wait ended Monday as Metropolitan Police finally pulled the plug, noting in a statement that it was "no longer proportionate to commit officers... More »

Cop Retiring After 35 Years Without Sick Day

Ala. officer didn't miss many school days, either

(Newser) - An Alabama police officer is retiring with an astounding work record: He's never taken a sick day in 35 years. Tuscaloosa police Capt. Mike Flowers works his final shift Friday, and he says his habit of going to work every day began when he was a child. The 59-year-old... More »

Indiana Driver's Traffic-Stop Selfie Resonates

'Neither of us are the enemy,' Greg Barnes writes on Facebook

(Newser) - Greg Barnes was in a hurry to get home on Friday, so when he saw police lights behind him on State Road 332 in Muncie, Indiana, "immediately I knew I was in the wrong," he tells WISH . What followed was "a simple interaction" that has touched hundreds... More »

The Numbers Show There Is No 'War on Police'

Police deaths steady in recent years, much lower than decades ago

(Newser) - A recent Rasmussen poll found 58% of respondents believe a "war on police" exists. The sentiment is being echoed publicly: After Shannon J. Miles was arrested for killing Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station in Houston, a local DA remarked that "there are a few bad... More »

Couple's Photos of Late Son Stolen, Erased—Returned

Police retrieve photos erased from stolen camera

(Newser) - A better ending to a sad story: A Massachusetts husband and wife have gotten back photos of their late son that had been deleted by someone who stole their camera. The Lancaster home of Felicia and David Neeley was ransacked by thieves Aug. 30 when Felicia left for a short... More »

Driver to Deputy: 'No Wonder You People Get Shot'

Joy Feinberg didn't appreciate her $606 speeding ticket

(Newser) - When it became clear her attempts to avoid a speeding ticket were futile, a Florida woman had some choice words for the deputy who pulled her over in Boynton Beach: "No wonder you people get shot." The Palm Beach Post reports an unidentified deputy with the Palm Beach... More »

Kid's Gas Pump Gesture Moves Texas Cop

McKinley Zoellner, 16, offered to watch officer's back as she pumped gas

(Newser) - Given the recent shooting death of police officer Darren Goforth at a Texas gas station, Deputy Tommi Kelley had reason to be uneasy when a teen approached her as she filled up her patrol car in Houston early Thursday. "He walked up behind me" in the rain, Kelley says,... More »

Gunman Fires on Police SUV in Las Vegas 'Ambush'

He just walked up with a semi-automatic handgun, police say

(Newser) - A man with a semi-automatic handgun walked up to a Las Vegas police SUV waiting at a red light and opened fire, striking one officer in the right hand, authorities said. Police say the officer was taken to the University Medical Center's trauma center. He was hospitalized in good... More »

Police Union Says: Boycott Arby's

Cop says she was denied service

(Newser) - A Florida police union is calling for a national boycott of Arby's after one of the restaurant's employees allegedly refused to serve an officer this week, CBS Miami reports. According to Local 10 News , 19-year-old Kenneth Davenport failed to serve Sgt. Jennifer Martin, who was in uniform and... More »

Man Shot With Arms Raised Threatened 'Suicide by Cop'

2nd video, not yet released, shows better view of incident: DA

(Newser) - Minutes before two police officers shot and killed 41-year-old Gilbert Flores in San Antonio on Friday, a 911 dispatcher said the suspect was "threatening suicide by cop." Officers arrived at a home after reports of a 38-year-old woman with a head injury and a 2-month-old child with a... More »

In 'Troubling' Video, Cops Kill Suspect With Arms Raised

San Antonio police say there's more than meets the eye

(Newser) - A disturbing video shot Friday in Texas appears to show the fatal police shooting of a suspect while his arms are raised in surrender. The KSAT video , which runs more than four minutes and was shot from a distance, shows two Bexar County Sheriff deputies, Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez,... More »

Police Escort Slain Officer's Girl on First Day of School

Officers in Ohio keep a promise

(Newser) - Officers brought a smile to the face of a 5-year-old girl when they escorted her to her first day of kindergarten in Ohio—nine months after her father was shot to death while off-duty. Akron officer Justin Winebrenner, 32, was killed in November while helping remove an unruly customer from... More »

Teen Saves Kidnapped Woman, Is Hailed as a Hero

Malyk Bonnet, 17, went out of his way to help a woman who looked scared

(Newser) - Canada is hailing a 17-year-old cook in Montreal a brave, resourceful hero after his quick thinking helped save a kidnapped woman. It all started on Saturday, Aug. 1, when Malyk Bonnet was heading home from work in the north end of Montreal and noticed a couple fighting at the bus... More »

Report: 600 Shots Fired in Bank Robbery 'Excessive'

2 suspects, 1 hostage were killed in Stockton shootout

(Newser) - California police managed to stop three alleged bank robbers who they say took off in a getaway car with three hostages last year, but it took 600 bullets from 32 officers in one of the most violent conflicts between cops and criminals in law enforcement history, according to a new... More »

Assaulted Cop: Headlines Made Me Too Hesitant

Union official says officers are 'walking on eggshells'

(Newser) - An Alabama police detective says he was pistol-whipped into unconsciousness with his own gun because he didn't want to be the newest cop vilified for killing an unarmed man, CNN reports. "I hesitated because I didn't want to be in the media," he says. The Birmingham... More »

Police Dog Trapped in Hot Car for 20 Hours Dies

Texas deputy forgot to bring Belgian Malinois inside after his shift was over

(Newser) - A Texas deputy has been let go from the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department after he forgot to bring his police dog partner inside Sunday and the dog died, NBC News reports. Latham Roldan—the trainer for Jola, a Belgian Malinois, for three years—"just left the kennel"... More »

Police: Cop Assaulted Cop Fiancee Over Her T-Shirt

Denver officer Lane Gardner gets charged with domestic violence

(Newser) - A Denver police officer allegedly assaulted his fiancee—who is also a Denver officer—because he thought she was cheating on him with a firefighter, ABC 7 reports. Jennifer Jaidinger, 42, arrived home early last Friday morning to find Lane Gardner, 48, drunk and demanding to know where she had... More »

Woman: Cops Did Forced Cavity Search in Parking Lot

Charnesia Corley says she didn't give consent for vaginal search

(Newser) - A 21-year-old Texas woman with no criminal record has accused Harris County cops of pulling her over for allegedly running a stop sign, claiming they smelled pot, then conducting a body cavity search on her in a gas station parking lot, the Guardian reports. "I feel like they sexually... More »

Rogue Cops? 158 Drug Convictions Tossed in Philly

Narcotics officers were accused of being crooked

(Newser) - To the shock of at least one man who left court free as a result, a Philadelphia judge yesterday reversed 158 narcotics convictions considered tainted by police corruption, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. As part of the reversals, two people will be released from prison and another 60 will have their... More »

Texas DA Finds 'Help' for Sandra Bland Probe

And toxicology report reveals level of marijuana in her bloodstream

(Newser) - Elton Mathis won't be investigating Sandra Bland's death all alone. The Waller County district attorney has called in two lawyers to lead an "oversight committee" designed to advise the DA's probe, the Houston Chronicle reports. Whether defense attorneys Darrell Jordan and Lewis White can help figure... More »

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