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Consequence of the Shutdown: Poop Problems

Some parts of Yosemite have had to close down due to human feces, urine

(Newser) - When the government shut down on Dec. 22, Yosemite National Park remained open but its bathrooms did not. Tourists haven't stopped relieving themselves, apparently alongside the road, reports the Los Angeles Times . Now, two campgrounds, the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, and Hetch Hetchy have been shut down over... More »

Here's Where People Are Publicly Netflixing

7% of people admit to streaming TV shows, movies while in public restrooms

(Newser) - "Netflix and chill" is out; Netflix and (shudders) pee is in. In a survey of 37,000 adults around the world conducted a few months ago, Netflix found 7% of people admit to streaming movies or TV shows while in a public restroom, Quartz reports. Overall, the company found... More »

Rarity Opens in NYC: a Swanky Public Restroom

Facility near Bryant Park gets $300K upgrade

(Newser) - In a park amid skyscrapers, a gem has emerged: a posh public bathroom that cost nearly $300,000, complete with freshly delivered flowers, imported tiles, classical music, and artwork, reports the AP . The free-of-charge, air-conditioned splendor, inspired by visits to the priciest hotels, is open to everyone, though it's... More »

Target Hopes $20M Will Solve Transgender Bathroom Problem

It's adding a third, single-person restroom to all its stores

(Newser) - Target will spend $20 million trying to make sure everyone who needs to go to the bathroom at one of its stores feels comfortable, CNN reports. According to USA Today , Target suffered some backlash last spring when it announced it would allow transgender customers to "use the restroom ... that... More »

Dad Attacked for Bringing Daughter Into Walmart Men's Room

He says another customer thought it was 'inappropriate'

(Newser) - More drama in America's public bathrooms: The New York Daily News reports a Utah father was attacked in a Walmart men's restroom after he brought his 5-year-old daughter in with him. Christopher Adams was shopping for storage bins and window blinds when his daughter and 7-year-old son decided... More »

Target: Use Restroom That Matches Your Gender Identity

Retailer takes a stand for 'inclusivity,' solidarity with transgender community

(Newser) - A "religious freedom" mandate in Mississippi and North Carolina's so-called "bathroom bill"—which dictates, among other things, that transgender people must use bathrooms aligned with their birth gender—has triggered big-name stars , TV and film production companies , and businesses to boycott. Now Target is taking a... More »

Meet the Germs in Your Local Public Restroom

Even shortly after it's cleaned

(Newser) - Warning: Some readers may find the following information disturbing ... or at least pretty gross. Researchers studying public restrooms found that just an hour after bathrooms were sterilized with bleach solution, they were once again packed with various microbes, NPR reports. In a study over the course of a few months,... More »

Almost All the Bathrooms in This Country Are 'Wrong'

Rick Paulas explains why

(Newser) - You have until tomorrow to vote on the winner of this year's " America's Best Restroom " contest, but Rick Paulas has news for you—nearly all of the bathrooms in America are complete failures. He runs down his reasoning at Pacific Standard :
  • The toilet: It's actually
... More »

Pregnant Woman: Starbucks Barista Blocked Me From Bathroom

Multiple times; venti-size outrage ensues

(Newser) - If you are the lone thing standing between a woman with a 7- or 8-pound fetus parked on her bladder and the nearest public bathroom, well, let's just say digging your heels in isn't going to win you any pregnant friends or an employee of the month award.... More »

Get Paid $100 a Day... to Review Public Toilets looking for a copywriter

(Newser) - Need some extra cash? If you live in New York and are willing to spend a lot of time in public restrooms, you can earn $100 a day for reviewing the facilities, the Daily Dot reports. Michael Li, the creator of , which helps people find nearby restrooms, makes... More »

Let Transgender People Choose Their Bathroom

Adam Winkler: To do otherwise amounts to discrimination

(Newser) - A court in Maine heard arguments today in the case of a 15-year-old student who is biologically male but identifies as female. The issue? Nicole Maines wanted to use the girls' bathroom, but her school forbade it, reports the AP . It's another sign that "the next frontier of... More »

For $1.2K, Club Will Let You Peep Into Ladies' Bathroom

Scotland police investigating

(Newser) - Be careful if you're a woman at Glasgow's Shimmy Club and find yourself having to use the restroom: It's installed with a two-way mirror, and clubgoers who want a look are charged as much as $1,200 to peep in. After complaints, Scotland's police force launched... More »

Chicago Museum Boasts 'America's Best Restroom'

Field Museum facilities offer 'calming' art' and areas for kids

(Newser) - If you’re ever in Chicago and you really have to go, stop by the Field Museum—its restrooms are officially the best in the country. The natural history museum’s bathrooms have won the 10th annual “America’s Best Restroom” contest, run by restroom-supply company Cintas. So what’... More »

Toilet Paper Being Rationed in Coney Island Bathrooms

Women asked to form 'ration lines'; men get none at all: New York Post

(Newser) - New York City’s financial woes seem to be taking a toll on its toilets: Public restroom attendants are rationing toilet paper on the Coney Island boardwalk, the New York Post reports following an on-site investigation. With dispensers left empty, women must form “ration lines” to get their squares,... More »

New Sega Games Let You Play With Your Pee

Toylets makes restrooms the new gaming hot spot

(Newser) - The Wii lets us play by moving controllers; with the Kinect, we simply wave our arms; now, Sega’s got a game system controlled by your pee, reports AOL News . “Toylets” will inject a little competition into the public urination experience: a screen installed above select metro-station urinals in... More »

Fun Facts to Know About Toilets

Want to visit a nice public restroom? Try Japan

(Newser) - Toilet habits are a taboo subject for most of us, but not for Harvey Molotch. Salon spoke to the sociology professor, who co-edited Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing, about the bathroom fixture. Highlights:
  • We should be using water, not toilet paper, to clean up: It's more eco-friendly,
... More »

Lawmakers Push for 'Potty Parity' in Washington

Old federal buildings don't contain enough ladies' rooms

(Newser) - A couple of male lawmakers struck a blow for women's rights yesterday—the right to equality in bathrooms, that is. The “Potty Parity Act,” introduced in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is the work of chairman Edolphus Town, who says he’s bothered by the “... More »

Old Library Gets New, Uh, Reading Room

Patrons no longer have to go somewhere else when they, er, have to go.

(Newser) - The library in Roxbury, Vt., installed wireless Internet ages ago, and last week finally caught up with 20th-century technology by adding indoor plumbing. “I used to say, ‘We’re the Wi-Fi library without a pot to p--- in,’” the library director tells the AP. Since 1934,... More »

Toilet Summit Tackles Issue of 'Potty Parity' for Women

Organizations discuss worldwide sanitation in Macau

(Newser) - The World Toilet Summit began in Macau today, as UN agencies, civil-society groups and the World Toilet Organization discuss how to provide sanitation for the 2.5 billion who still lack access to a clean lavatory, LiveScience reports. The summit will also address the issue of “potty parity”—... More »

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