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Woman Busted With $70K— in Her Stomach

Dominican Republic bust also yields $69K in her suitcase

(Newser) - Dominican Republic officials say they have arrested a woman who was carrying more than $70,000 in her stomach and $69,000 hidden inside her suitcase. The spokesman for the National Drug Control Agency says the money in the woman's stomach was divided up among 16 capsules and the... More »

Hybrid Lizards Muscle Out Mom and Dad

Discovery of new salamanders’ ‘vigor’ is a scientific first

(Newser) - The offspring of California tiger salamanders and barred tiger salamanders are living proof that not all hybrids are mule-style genetic dead ends: They’re breeding their parents out of house and home. In a watershed instance of "hybrid vigor" among animals, Science reports, the progeny of two species for... More »

2 Stories