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Robert Mugabe Gets Immunity From Prosecution

The former Zimbabwe despot will also get a healthy retirement package

(Newser) - After ruling Zimbabwe with an iron fist for 37 years, Robert Mugabe will be able to live out the rest of his days free of the threat of prosecution. Military authorities, who put the former president under house arrest a little more than a week ago, have granted him immunity... More »

Tourist Sneaks Cat Into Iceland, and Iceland Kills the Cat

Swiss woman also gets billed for disinfecting her camper

(Newser) - Iceland's beauty attracts more than a million travelers from around the world every year, and a tourist just learned the hard way that the country doesn't mess around when it comes to protecting its turf. A Swiss woman in her 60s entered the country in her camper by... More »

Lawyer: Flynn 'Certainly Has a Story to Tell'

His offer to testify in return for immunity could be a non-starter, experts say

(Newser) - Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has reportedly offered to talk to the FBI and congressional investigators about possible Trump campaign links to Russia in return for immunity—but they might not take him up on it. Experts tell the Washington Post and the New York Times that the idea... More »

Disturbing ISIS Tweets Cost Le Pen Immunity

After EU Parliament vote, French prosecutors can now dive into investigation of postings

(Newser) - French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen lost EU parliamentary immunity Thursday by "a large show of hands," Reuters reports, giving prosecutors more leeway to investigate tweets she posted in December 2015. The offending tweets included graphic imagery of executions carried out by the Islamic State, the Guardian reports,... More »

Here's Why Amish Kids Don't Get Asthma as Often

They can probably thank the cows

(Newser) - You're probably less likely to see an Amish kid carrying around an inhaler, because they don't seem to get asthma as often as other kids—and researchers think it's due to the cows, Live Science reports. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine ... More »

India's Gambit to Shield Female Diplomat Won't Work

Country gives Devyani Khobragade a new job

(Newser) - As India gets increasingly hot under the collar about its arrested and strip-searched female diplomat , the US isn't backing down: The State Department has refused to drop charges against Devyani Khobragade, with a State Department rep emphasizing that each year the US reminds countries about "obligations they have... More »

Feds: Whitey Bulger's Immunity Claims 'Absurd'

Mobster says feds gave him carte blanche in the '70s

(Newser) - Prosecutors are rolling their eyes over Whitey Bulger's assertions that authorities gave him permanent immunity from all prosecution for his work as an informant in the 1970s. In court documents filed on Friday, prosecutors called those claims "absurd" and "frivolous," and asked a judge to insist... More »

Sex With Neanderthals Boosted Our Immunity

Scientists make 'stunning' discovery in genome comparison

(Newser) - Three years ago, scientists thought humans had never had sex with Neanderthals. Last year, they changed their tune—and now it looks like DNA passed down from Neanderthals has had a “profound impact” on our immune systems. Scientists compared a section of the modern human genome to the same... More »

Politician Avoids Jail Because Ariz. Law Gives Him Immunity

Scott Bundgaard was in domestic dispute

(Newser) - Arizona state Sen. Scott Bundgaard got his very own get-out-of-jail-free card Friday night, when cops charged his girlfriend—but not him—with assault because of a screwy Arizona law that prohibits legislators from being arrested while legislature is in session. Seems Bundgaard and Aubry Ballard were on their way home... More »

US to Pakistan: Hand Over Our Diplomat

Claims Raymond Davis has immunity in killing of 2 Pakistanis

(Newser) - The United States is demanding the release of an American diplomat charged yesterday in the murders of two Pakistanis he says were trying to rob him, reports the AP. "The United States Embassy in Pakistan calls for the immediate release," according to a statement that cited Raymond Davis'... More »

Yet Another Blackwater Case Collapses

Issues with evidence, immunity make prosecution tough

(Newser) - Legal cases against Blackwater employees accused of committing murder and other violent crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan have been collapsing one by one, the New York Times reports. This week, the Justice Department dropped a case against an armorer accused of killing a guard to an Iraqi official; the move... More »

'Pirate Party' to Host Wikileaks Servers

Sadly, this has nothing to do with Captain Hook

(Newser) - The Pirate Party, a Swedish pro-piracy political party, has agreed to host servers for Wikileaks . The party, which also runs The Pirate Bay , a popular file sharing site, says supporting Wikileaks is in line with its commitment to copyright and patent reform, notes Information Week . "We want to contribute... More »

Why Men Get Sicker Than Women

Men 'live fast, die young,' so immunity is traded for sex drive

(Newser) - The phenomenon euphemistically referred to as “man flu”—the notion that men get sicker and sick more often than women—is real, researchers say. British doctors swear the theory is upheld by sophisticated computer models: The male immune system is underdeveloped compared to the female because men are... More »

Kellogg's 'Immunity' Claim Stokes H1N1 Ire

Company profiting from parents' swine flu fears, critics charge

(Newser) - Kellogg's claim that its cereal has immunity-boosting powers is a cheap way to capitalize on parents' swine flu fears, critics tell USA Today . "This one belongs in the hall of fame," says the director of Yale's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. The boxes in question announce... More »

Germy Kissing Is the Point

Swapping spit boosts immunity, say scientists

(Newser) - A kiss apparently is not just a kiss. An unromantic team of scientists has determined that the point of kissing is to spread germs and increase lovers' immunity and health. The bug cytomegalovirus, which is dangerous in pregnancy, is passed from smooching men to give a woman time to build... More »

Swine Flu Parties Unsafe: Doc

Exposing kids to virus is a bad idea, pediatrician says

(Newser) - Parents who are throwing “swine flu parties” to get kids together in hopes of exposing them to the virus now, while it is in a weaker form, are on the wrong track, says a prominent pediatrician. Responding to a question from a US News and World Report reader, Thomas... More »

Image Rehab: Appendix Is Good for Something After All

Long-neglected organ is far from useless, researchers say

(Newser) - The human appendix has been assumed to be useless since Charles Darwin first suggested it was a vestigial organ—an evolutionary remnant from the time when our predecessors ate leaves and other now-indigestible foods. But new research suggests the organ had a much more vital function, LiveScience reports. It stored... More »

Feds: Older People Safer From Swine Flu

People born before 1957 found to carry anti-H1N1 antibodies

(Newser) - People born before 1957 appear to have some immunity to the H1N1 virus, the New York Times reports. Tests show that older adults have antibodies that attack the virus, probably because they've been exposed to a similar virus. Experts believe the swine flue virus, like seasonal influenzas before 1957, is... More »

Bribed Lawyer Lied to Protect Berlusconi

Italian PM faces calls to resign after court ruling in corruption case

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi is facing calls to resign as Italy's prime minister, reports the Times of London, after an Italian court found his lawyer guilty of accepting a bribe to protect him from corruption charges. In a 400-page verdict released yesterday, the judges said that attorney David Mills—the estranged husband... More »

Flu-Phobic Consider Intentional Infection

(Newser) - With panic over the H1N1 flu virus on the wane, some Americans are pondering allowing themselves to become infected in hopes of building immunity against potentially more virulent strains, the New York Times reports. Doctors are split on the idea. "I think it's totally nuts," says a flu... More »

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