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As Doctors Operated on Her Brain, She Gave Them a Concert

Woman plays flute during deep brain stimulation in Houston

(Newser) - To be a professional flute player with uncontrollable shaking of the head and hands is less than ideal, and after years of battling a neurological disorder called essential tremor , Anna Marie Whitlock Henry decided she'd had enough. So the 63-year-old underwent brain surgery last week to remedy the tremors—... More »

North Korean Nuclear Test Moved Earth's Crust

Two minor tremors were detected near September testing site

(Newser) - Two minor tremors detected in northwest North Korea Saturday are likely linked to the very thing dominating recent headlines: the country’s nuclear program. Per the Guardian , the aftershocks recorded Saturday near the Punggye-ri nuclear test site were likely “relaxation events” from North Korea’s large scale nuclear test... More »

Quakes Rattle Christchurch

5.2, 6.0 shakers rock city already destroyed by massive quake

(Newser) - Two new serious earthquakes rattled tremblor-weary Christchurch today, sending boulders plunging down hillsides and injuring residents. The 5.2 and a 6.0 quakes struck just 20 minutes apart around lunch time, sending panicked New Zealanders into the streets. Two men were rescued from rubble that collapsed on top of... More »

Canadian Earthquake Rocks Northeast US

Buildings evacuated in Boston

(Newser) - An 5.5-magnitude earthquake shook the Quebec-Ontario border today, sending tremors to Montreal, Toronto, and the northeastern US, the Montreal Gazette reports. Two buildings were evacuated in Boston as employees noticed their offices starting to shake around them: “I thought I was dizzy, but then I noticed the plants... More »

Swarm of Quakes Jolts Yellowstone

Scientists closely monitoring unusual rash of shakers

(Newser) - Wary scientists are keeping a close eye on developments in Yellowstone National Park after some 250 small quakes jolted the park within three days, AP reports. Yellowstone is no stranger to seismic activity but experts say the number of the quakes is hghly unusual and could signal something bigger brewing... More »

New Clues May Help Predict Earthquakes

Team detects seismic waves up to 10 hours before Calif. tremor

(Newser) - Researchers could be closer to predicting earthquakes hours before they happen, with an article in the journal Nature detailing how scientists detected seismic changes in rocks as much as 10 hours before two small California temblors. “Hurricane [warnings] give you an idea of what could be done,” one... More »

New Quake Hits Sumatra; Tsunami Warning Issued

Tsunami threat rattles coastal residents

(Newser) - Another quake rocked Indonesia's Sumatra island early this morning and the nation's meteorology agency has issued a tsunami warning. The quake, between 6.6 and 6.9 magnitude, was the latest to hit the island since Wednesday's powerful 8.4 tremblor set off a series of aftershocks. The latest tsunami... More »

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