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Big Flaw Spotted in N. Korea Missile Test

Mock warhead apparently failed to survive re-entry

(Newser) - North Korea's latest missile launch was seen as a worrying success that means much of the US mainland is now in reach of Pyongyang's missiles—but analysts have seen signs that not everything went according to plan. Video shows that the mock warhead on the intercontinental ballistic missile... More »

US Keeping Nukes in Case of ... Asteroids?

Threat cited as reason to keep old warheads

(Newser) - Somebody's been watching Armageddon: American nuclear authorities say they have delayed getting rid of old warhead components because they could help protect the world from killer asteroids. Authorities say the warheads are being kept "pending a senior-level government evaluation of their use in planetary defense against earthbound asteroids,... More »

Iran Tested Advanced Nuke Warhead Technology

Tehran said to have deployed design still classified in US, Britain

(Newser) - Iran has tested nuclear warhead technology so advanced that its very existence is an official secret in the US and Britain, according to a report from the UN’s nuclear watchdog group, the International Atomic Energy Agency. The dossier, obtained by the Guardian, says Iran has tested the high-explosive components... More »

Are Cold War's Lost Nukes Still Ticking?

Dozens of weapons lost in accidents decades ago are still out there and still deadly

(Newser) - Dozens of American A-bombs lost in Cold War accidents are corroding around the world, Der Spiegel reports. The US admits to misplacing 11, but German nuclear expert Otfried Nassauer says up to 50 went down, mostly in plane crashes. Bombers either collided with tanker planes or, short on fuel, plunged... More »

Nukes Go Missing in Mix-Up

B-52 flies cross-country with five warheads mistakenly attached

(Newser) - Five nuclear warheads were briefly unaccounted for last week, the Military Times reports, when the warheads were not removed from missiles carried by a B-52 bomber prior to its flight from North Dakota to Louisiana. Though the weapons were in Air Force control at all times and there was no... More »

5 Stories