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Calcutta to Be Painted Blue

Hue and cry as mayor orders city-wide paint job

(Newser) - Calcutta's new government has decided it's time to go out and paint the town ... blue. Government buildings, taxis, and footpaths are to be repainted blue and white, and owners of private buildings will be strongly encouraged to follow suit, the BBC reports. "Blue is a beautiful color,... More »

Bad Hooch Kills 102 in Calcutta

Methanol-spiked booze blamed for villagers' deaths

(Newser) - A bad batch of illegal liquor has killed at least 102 people in villages that fringe Calcutta. Dozens more are critically ill with alcohol poisoning. Traces of highly toxic methanol were found in the victims, who were mostly poor day laborers and rickshaw-pullers who bought the hooch in pouches for... More »

India Won't Hand Over Mother Teresa's Remains

Nuns from her charity call Albanian request 'absurd'

(Newser) - Mother Teresa isn’t going anywhere, say Indian authorities. Teresa’s parents were from Albania, and the country had requested her remains. Macedonia, where Teresa grew up, may also want the body ahead of the 100th anniversary of her birth next year. “Mother Teresa was an Indian citizen and... More »

Megacities Stagger India

Out-of-control urbanization threatens to drag down Indian economy for years

(Newser) - The explosive growth of India's cities is threatening to drag down the country's economy for decades to come, economists tell the Wall Street Journal. The global trend toward urbanization has gone into overdrive in India, but most cities aren't prepared to deal with the influx of migrants from the countryside,... More »

Thousands Honor Mother Teresa

Devotees flock to observe anniversary of beloved nun's death

(Newser) - Thousands visited Kolkata (Calcutta), India, today to remember Mother Teresa 10 years after her death. At the headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity, where the nun lived and died, the local archbishop led a Mass where rich and poor joined to pray for her, Reuters reports. "I hope she... More »

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