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Ousting Mozilla CEO Is the Left's 'McCarthyism'

...Or so Andrew Sullivan argues; Will Oremus disagrees

(Newser) - Andrew Sullivan is often an ally to America's left, but he's definitely not cheering over the ouster of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich over his opposition to gay marriage. "This is McCarthyism applied by civil actors. This is the definition of intolerance," The Dish maestro writes in... More »

Mozilla CEO Resigns Over Stance Against Gay Marriage

Brendan Eich is out after Prop 8 backlash

(Newser) - The CEO of Mozilla has resigned after only about a week on the job over his opposition to gay marriage, reports MarketWatch . Brendan Eich decided to step down "for Mozilla and our community," the company said today in a blog post . Eich's appointment as CEO began generating... More »

OKCupid Blocks Firefox in Gay Rights Stand

New Mozilla CEO was gay marriage opponent

(Newser) - New Mozilla CEO Brandon Eich's support of California's Proposition 8 against gay marriage has come back to haunt him. Dating site OKCupid is trying to steer Firefox users to other browsers, calling Eich "an opponent of equal rights for gay couples" for donating $1,000 to the... More »

Firefox to Offer Do-Not-Track Tool ... With One Catch

Companies will first have to agree not to track you

(Newser) - If you don’t like the idea of online companies tracking your every move , you may want to start using Firefox. Mozilla announced its Web browser will be the first to answer the FTC’s call for a do-not-track system , the Wall Street Journal reports. Just one problem: In order... More »

Firefox Falters as Chrome Muscles In

Open source browser may never hit 25% market share

(Newser) - The Firefox phenomenon could be running out of steam. February saw the browser’s market share inch down for the third month in a row, according to recently released figures. That still gives the upstart open source browser 24.2% of the market, making it easily the second most popular... More »

Firefox Heads for Cell Phones

Fennec launch imminent, but, iPhone users, don't hold your breath

(Newser) - The release of Firefox's Fennec browser for mobiles is imminent after more than a year of development. Mozilla exec Jay Sullivan says the browser is being put through final testing and will likely be available for download before the end of the year. Fennec —which synchronizes mobiles with the... More »

Firefox Team's Email Program a 'Winner'

Mozilla's Postbox has killer search, tabbed browsing, and a price tag

(Newser) - We're getting flooded with more and more email, but the tools used to read messages haven't matured much in recent years, says Wall Street Journal tech writer Katherine Boehret. A new program called Postbox, from the same developers behind the Firefox web browser, aims to change that—it features real-time... More »

New Sony Vaio PCs Will Include Google Web Browser

Facing Microsoft, search giant aims to expand market for Chrome

(Newser) - Google Chrome, languishing in the browser wars, will get a substantial boost thanks to a deal with Sony—which is shipping new Vaio PCs with Chrome pre-installed. Google is also talking to other computer manufacturers, the FT reports, as it attempts to weaken the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which... More »

Firefox Upgrade Scares Off Porn Fans

(Newser) - The No. 1 reason many Firefox users refused to upgrade to the browser’s latest version was fear that it would expose their deep, dark—think "naked"—online secrets, PC Pro reports. Firefox 3’s new address bar suggests your bookmarked sites as you enter URLs, which 25%... More »

Firefox Loses Some of Its Edge: Mossberg

It's not the fastest browser anymore

(Newser) - Mozilla's Firefox is still good, but it doesn't stand out as much as it used to, Walter S. Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal. The latest edition of the web browser, version 3.5, works well on both PCs and Macs, but "Firefox has lost its traditionally biggest... More »

Firefox 3.5 Could Upgrade the Whole Web

New browser is faster and ready for HTML upgrade

(Newser) - Firefox, once lauded for “speed, stability, and customizability,” seemed lately to have fallen behind the competition—but with version 3.5, out today, it’s back and better than ever, writes Farhad Manjoo for Slate. The new version “adds a much-needed speed boost” alongside bug fixes. And... More »

Tech Leaders Unite Against Microsoft

Nokia, IBM, Oracle join EU antitrust case over Explorer's dominance

(Newser) - A technology consortium whose members include IBM, Nokia, and Oracle has joined the European Commission’s antitrust case against Microsoft, the Financial Times reports. The consortium, Ecis, joins Google and the Mozilla Foundation in accusing Microsoft of using Windows to distort the web browser market in favor of Internet Explorer.... More »

New Safari 4 Frustrates, but Is Blazing Fast

Apple browser's UI improvements flop, but halve load times

(Newser) - Apple’s new Safari 4 browser is the fastest available by far, Walter Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal, but the much-hyped “user-interface changes are a big disappointment.” In most cases, Safari just follows other browsers with helpful improvements to its format. But moving tabs to the... More »

New Firefox's Speed Will Smoke Chrome, Mozilla Says

Chrome 28% slower than Firefox 3.1 on XP

(Newser) - The next version of Firefox will be faster than Google's Chrome, the fastest browser out there, Mozilla said today, according to TechCrunch. Chrome is 28% slower on XP and 16% slower on Vista than Firefox 3.1, which releases this year, Mozilla claims. By using the new engine TraceMonkey, one... More »

Google to Launch Web Browser

'Chrome' announcement appears in comic book

(Newser) - Google will soon launch its own Web browser, called Chrome, aiming to make web surfing easier and faster, the Wall Street Journal reports. The announcement is the latest volley in the long battle between Microsoft and Google, which released the news by sending a comic book outlining Chrome's features to... More »

Firefox 3.0 Is Best Browser Out There

Forget Explorer and Safari—Mozilla's update has them beat

(Newser) - If you’re still using the Internet Explorer or Safari that came with your computer, it’s just about time to upgrade. Mozilla's Firefox, the leading free, open-source, nonprofit Web browser, has a shiny new 3.0 version in beta testing, and it’s “the best Web browser out... More »

Among New Browsers, Firefox Bests Safari and IE

Safari isn't good enough vs. spyware and IE is still in development

(Newser) - Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft are in the final stages of developing new versions of their Web browsers, and Firefox 3 is the winner over spyware-susceptible Safari 3.1 and work-in-progress IE 8. The new Mozilla product has outstanding memory management and speed, boasts great groundbreaking bookmark features, and is impressively... More »

Tech Hybrids Blend Lofty Ideals With Bottom-Line Business

(Newser) - Tech companies that blend social missions with business ambitions are all the rage in Silicon Valley. Called “social enterprises,” they often generate sizable revenue (unlike most nonprofits), that’s then retained and reinvested (unlike most for-profits). Now, an ecosystem of related organizations is emerging, such as specialized legal... More »

Speedier Firefox Aims to Lead the Way

Mozilla says new version of browser will boost Web 2.0 development

(Newser) - Early tests have found Mozilla's latest version of Firefox is much speedier than earlier versions and it runs rings around its rivals, PC World reports. One blogger found Firefox 3 Beta 4 was nearly twice as fast as Safari and Opera, and the Beta 4 version, and three times faster... More »

PCs and Internet Are Merging

New Adobe AIR platform would blur the line between the two

(Newser) - The line between the Internet and PCs is blurring with the release today of Adobe AIR, a software development system for creating applications that can merge data between the two. AIR applications will have Web browser functionality without launching a browser, and users’ files will be "in the cloud,... More »

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