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Lebanon Forges Peace Deal

Power-sharing pact aimed at averting avert new civil war

(Newser) - A civil war in Lebanon may be averted by a new agreement reached in Qatar, reports the BBC. The deal includes fresh elections next year, a power-sharing government, a new president, and a pledge by Hezbollah not to use weapons in Lebanon. The pact was reached after five days of... More »

Sarkozy Breaks Off Syria Talks

Stop blocking progress in Lebanese presidential stalemate, French prez warns

(Newser) - France has lost patience with Syria and has cut off mediation talks until Damascus stops obstructing the election of a new president in Lebanon, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced yesterday. Lebanon has been without a president since November and the Syrian-backed parliamentary opposition has been accused of blocking the election... More »

Lebanon PM Tries to Ease Fears of Unrest

He takes control as nation begins stretch without president

(Newser) - Lebanon's PM called for calm today and said his cabinet would run the nation while it remains without a president, Reuters reports. Fouad Siniora also pledged to push for quick elections. The developments come a day after President Emile Lahoud's term ended without a successor in place. Siniora rejected Lahoud's... More »

Lebanon Under Emergency Rule

At end of term, Lahoud orders controversial military takeover

(Newser) - Lebanon teetered on the brink of chaos tonight as its president declared a state of emergency just hours before his term expired and transferred power to the military. The outgoing Emile Lahoud refused to give power to his rival, PM Fouad Siniora, who immediately rejected the legality of Lahoud's move,... More »

Lebanon Picks No Prez Today

Streets quiet over civil war fears as sides negotiate

(Newser) - Lebanon's parties failed to pick a new president today, leaving them 24 hours to find a replacement before President Emile Lahoud's term ends, the Wall Street Journal reports. Lahoud has said the army chief may take over if sides remain deadlocked tomorrow at midnight—a turn that could spark blocs... More »

Car Bomb Kills Lawmaker in Lebanon

Anti-Syrian MP among victims of massive pre-election blast

(Newser) - Anti-Syrian lawmaker Antoine Ghanem was one of at least seven people killed by a car bomb in Beirut today, just days before Lebanon’s parliament is set to select a successor to pro-Syrian president Emile Lahoud. Ghanem was a member of an anti-Syrian governing coalition, which has been locked in... More »

6 Stories