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Trump: Climate Will 'Change Back Again'

'I don't think it's a hoax,' he tells 60 Minutes

(Newser) - President Trump apparently no longer believes that climate change is a "hoax"—but he does believe it will somehow change back, and he doesn't want to spend too much money dealing with it, despite dire warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change . "I think something'... More »

CBS Reporter Reveals Text That Got Fager Fired

'There are people who lost their jobs trying to harm me,' he warned her

(Newser) - Jeff Fager complained Wednesday that CBS fired him after 36 years because of a single text message . The 60 Minutes executive producer didn't mention that the message warned a CBS reporter that she could lose her job for reporting on the sexual harassment allegations against him. "If you... More »

Another Head Rolls at CBS

'60 Minutes' chief Jeff Fager is out amid harassment allegations

(Newser) - Another CBS bigwig is out following the bombshell New Yorker article that led to Les Moonves' departure from the network. Jeff Fager, longtime executive producer of 60 Minutes, was also named in the article , with women accusing him of allowing a culture of harassment in his division as well as... More »

Stormy Daniels' Strategy Is Downright 'Trumpian'

For one thing, she is unapologetic and won't be cowed

(Newser) - One thing seems clear in the wake of the Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes: People were interested. Preliminary ratings suggest the show earned its highest ratings in 10 years, reports Deadline . The overnight Nielsen share of 16.3 translates to more than 20 million households, notes media writer Brian... More »

What We Learned From the Stormy Daniels Interview

She won't say whether she has photos, messages

(Newser) - Stormy Daniels' spoke out about her alleged affair with President Trump in a 60 Minutes interview that aired Sunday night—an interview that the Hill predicts will become "watercooler news" in offices around the country, and a major embarrassment for Trump. The biggest revelation in the interview with Anderson... More »

DeVos' 60 Minutes Interview Is Not Going Over Well

Critics pile on education secretary, and she says her views are misunderstood

(Newser) - Education secretary Betsy DeVos appeared on 60 Minutes Sunday night, and she's taking much criticism Monday over her answers to questions from Leslie Stahl. In the intro—you can read the interview and see the video via this CBS News link—Stahl notes that DeVos "is dedicated to... More »

Charlie Rose Accused of Sexual Harassment

Eight women have come forward with allegations about the famed interviewer

(Newser) - Eight women have accused longtime interviewer and TV host Charlie Rose of making unwanted advances toward them while they were either working on the Charlie Rose show or aspiring to, the Washington Post reports. The women, five of whom spoke to the Post off the record for fear of risking... More »

McCain on Trump's POW Slight: We're 'Very Different People'

Senator speaks on '60 Minutes,' including his reaction on hearing 'serious' cancer diagnosis

(Newser) - "They said that … the prognosis is very, very serious," John McCain said Sunday night on 60 Minutes as he talked about his brain cancer diagnosis, which came right after he'd had a regular checkup and was on his way back home. Per USA Today , the 81-year-old... More »

Bannon: Catholic Church Needs 'Illegal Aliens' to Fill Pews

He appears on '60 Minutes' this weekend

(Newser) - Steve Bannon appears on 60 Minutes Sunday, and CBS is providing an early look at his interview with Charlie Rose. In two snippets, Bannon criticizes the Catholic Church over its opposition to Trump's DACA decision and makes clear that he intends to support the president from his new post... More »

Inspiring Wisdom From Last Surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor

'It takes courage not to be discouraged': 97-year-old Ben Ferencz

(Newser) - He was front and center at what some call the biggest murder trial in history. That would be the Nuremberg hearings, which brought German SS soldiers forward to face the consequences for their role in the massacre of more than a million people outside of the concentration camps. Lesley Stahl... More »

Oprah Will Be Back on TV This Fall

As a special contributor on '60 Minutes'

(Newser) - 60 Minutes is adding a familiar face for the program's 50th season. Oprah Winfrey has been announced as a special contributor who will begin appearing on the show this fall, reports CBS News . "She is a remarkable and talented woman with a level of integrity that sets her... More »

Trump on 60 Minutes: 'Don't Be Afraid'

He discussed Clintons, abortion, presidential salary

(Newser) - Donald Trump spoke to 60 Minutes for an interview that aired Sunday night and he had a message for protesters and other people worried about what a Trump presidency might bring: "Don't be afraid. We are going to bring our country back. But certainly, don't be afraid.... More »

Trump: I'll Deport Up to 3M Immigrants Quickly

Focus will be on those with criminal records

(Newser) - President-elect Trump has provided the first glimpse at his upcoming policies in an interview with CBS' 60 Minutes , specifically on immigration: He says his first priority will be arresting and deporting undocumented immigrants with criminal records. "What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal... More »

Trump, Family Will Sit Down With 60 Minutes

Interview airs Sunday

(Newser) - 60 Minutes has landed the first extensive interview with President-elect Donald Trump, the AP reports. CBS announced on Thursday that Lesley Stahl will interview Trump on Friday at his home in New York City. 60 Minutes will broadcast the interview, which will focus on Trump's election, on Sunday night.... More »

'Definite Evidence' MH370 Was Crashed on Purpose: Expert

Canadian air-crash ace says photos of wing section support 'rogue pilot' theory

(Newser) - Last week, Australian officials said someone had plotted an Indian Ocean course on the flight simulator belonging to the pilot of missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. This week, a renowned air-crash expert adds onto that, saying he believes the jet was deliberately brought down into the water, the BBC reports.... More »

Morley Safer Dead at 84

CBS reporter dies days after retirement from '60 Minutes'

(Newser) - Just days after retiring from 60 Minutes, Morley Safer is dead at age 84, reports CBS News . No word yet on a cause of death for Safer, who had worked on the show about half a century. His retirement, however, was attributed to unspecified health issues, notes CNNMoney . Prior to... More »

A Morley Safer Vietnam Report Ticked Off LBJ

Newsman is retiring after a half-century

(Newser) - Morley Safer announced Wednesday that he's retiring from 60 Minutes at age 84 after nearly a half-century with the show. CBS plans a tribute to the Canadian-born journalist on May 15 after the regular broadcast, reports Us Weekly . In the meantime, a post at International Business Times calls attention... More »

Sean Penn: My El Chapo Article 'Failed'

He has one 'terrible regret' in particular about 'Rolling Stone' interview

(Newser) - While Sean Penn might not think his interview for Rolling Stone with Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was rife with "stupidities," the actor now concedes he has "a terrible regret" about it—and he thinks the article ultimately "failed," CBS News reports. In a Santa... More »

Biden on Decision: Jill Said, 'I Think You're Right'

But she also 'thought he would have been the best president'

(Newser) - Joe and Jill Biden sat down with 60 Minutes in the aftermath of his decision not to seek the Oval Office, and CBS News has released a preview in which the vice president discusses the moment of decision. "I came home and Hunter, our son was upstairs, with mom,... More »

What Putin Admires Most About America

Surprise: It's our creativity and openness

(Newser) - Relations between the US and Russia have been a bit rocky lately, but that doesn't mean Vladimir Putin doesn't appreciate all the good we have to offer. In a preview of Charlie Rose's 60 Minutes interview with the Russian leader, per CBS News , Putin reveals what he... More »

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