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Nebraska GOP Senator to Retire

He's one of only two Republicans backing Chuck Hagel

(Newser) - Nebraska Sen. Mike Johanns has informed his state's governor that he doesn't intend to run for re-election next year, sources tell NBC News . Johanns is notable as the man who replaced Chuck Hagel in the Senate—and is now one of only two Senate Republicans publicly backing his... More »

John McCain Livid Over Popcorn Subsidy

Trying to kill pork project of strangely silent Nebraska senators

(Newser) - Nebraska's two senators have been quiet—you might even say sneaky—about inserting a provision to help popcorn growers into the new farm bill. Both are on the Agriculture Committee, and they slid a provision into the bill saying that the Agriculture secretary "may" consider revenue insurance subsidies... More »

GOP Senator: Ban Japanese Cars

Mike Johanns sees chance to settle score for Japan ban on US beef

(Newser) - One Nebraska Republican has a simple solution to the Toyota recall scandal: Ban all auto imports from Japan. Sen. Mike Johanns, a former agriculture secretary, called the ban a chance to even the score for Japan's multi-year ban on US beef based on fears of mad cow disease. "I... More »

Bush Picks Ex-Governor to Head the Farm Team

Schafer could overhaul way Agricultural Department does business

(Newser) - Edward Schafer has extolled the virtues of smaller government, but he is President Bush’s nominee to head the mammoth Agriculture Department, which employs more than 100,000 people and spends $90 billion a year. If approved by the Senate, the former North Dakota governor would likely be thrust into... More »

Agriculture Boss Leaving to Run for Senate

Critics quick to attack, question his timing

(Newser) - US Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns is resigning to run for the Nebraska senate seat that Rebublican Chuck Hagel will vacate at the end of 2008. Johanns' timing is less than perfect—he is leaving before Congress approves a new farm bill—something his campaign rivals will surely jump on, along... More »

5 Stories