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Asteroid Far Brighter Than Moon Dazzles Over US

NASA meteor cameras capture it above Alabama

(Newser) - People up late in the Southeast one night last week had the chance to catch a brief but spectacular light show. In a Facebook post , NASA says its meteor cameras picked up a small asteroid about 1:19am Friday that burned through the night sky and would have been tough... More »

NASA Scientist Finds Michigan Meteorites

Weather radar is the key for Marc Fries

(Newser) - If the United States Geological Service's reading of a magnitude 2.0 earthquake in Michigan on Tuesday night wasn't enough to convince you that a meteor did in fact streak through the sky there, let Marc Fries. The NASA scientist says he managed to track the meteorites (those... More »

Meteor Strike Causes Earthquake in Michigan

Residents heard what sounded like thunder

(Newser) - A bright light and what sounded like thunder in the sky across the Detroit metropolitan area Tuesday night was a meteor, the National Weather Service has confirmed. NWS Detroit tweeted that according to the United States Geological Service, the meteor caused a magnitude 2.0 earthquake around 8:10pm. Meteorologist... More »

The October Sky Show You've Been Waiting For Is Here

Orionid meteor shower is Friday, Saturday night, visible from anywhere on Earth (except Antarctica)

(Newser) - USA Today wants you to "count your lucky stars" this weekend—literally. That's because what it's deeming "one of the year's best sky shows" is set to take place: the Orionid meteor shower, scheduled to peak on Friday and Saturday nights, with the best... More »

'Blue-Green Fireball' Lights Up Midwest Skies

Meteor captured on dashcam could be seen in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana

(Newser) - If you happened to be up late after the Super Bowl (and also follow the National Weather Service Chicago's Twitter account), you would have gotten a sneak peek at the natural phenomenon that the rest of the world is now seeing. "Check out this INCREDIBLE video," the... More »

Suspected Meteor 'Explosion' Rocks Cyprus

Witnesses say it shook the ground

(Newser) - Officials in Cyprus are baffled by reports that a meteor streaking across the nighttime sky exploded overhead with a thunderous bang. Police say eyewitnesses reported seeing a blue glow emanating from the object that raced over the east Mediterranean island's Troodos mountain range shortly before midnight Thursday, per the... More »

Dashcam Catches Fireball Over Maine

American Meteor Society fields hundreds of calls

(Newser) - The American Meteor Society fielded hundreds of calls early Tuesday from residents in the Northeast and Canada who spotted a giant fireball overhead. No wonder: Dashcam video captured by a police car in Portland, Maine, caught the brilliant sight, reports ABC News . The AMS notes that while such fireballs are... More »

How to Watch the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower This Week

You're either going to want to go to bed very early or very, very late

(Newser) - The Eta Aquarids meteor shower happens when Earth passes through the debris left behind by Halley's Comet, and it's peaking this week, the New York Times reports. The Weather Network reports that most everyone will have a good view of the shower Thursday and Friday. About 10 to... More »

Meteor Plowed Into Earth, We Failed to Notice

Impact happened 600 miles off Brazil on Feb. 6

(Newser) - Earth recently saw its largest meteor impact since the Chelyabinsk incident . Missed it? So did everyone else. While the Chelyabinsk impact shattered windows and injured more than 1,000 people, an impact more than 600 miles off the coast of Brazil on Feb. 6 was relatively quiet in comparison. For... More »

Why the Earth Gets Stronger When a Meteor Strikes

Study describes 'nonlinear force propagation' during impacts

(Newser) - Scientists have studied the effects of meteor strikes above ground, but what happens to soil underground during a high-speed impact? In an experiment funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and recorded using a high-speed camera, physicists at Duke University set out to answer that question. They dropped a bullet-shaped... More »

Crater Mystery Has Nicaragua Stumped

If a passing asteroid didn't create the huge hole, then what did?

(Newser) - When an asteroid passed by Earth and then a huge crater showed up in Nicaragua, the government there put two and two together and figured an errant piece of space rock was responsible for the hole. But scientists have since cast doubt on the theory, and now Nicaragua is asking... More »

Chelyabinsk Meteor Is From Ancient Space Collision

Scientists think long-ago smashup led to last year's bang in Russia

(Newser) - Two big rocks collided in deep space about 290 million years ago, and a new study suggests that we earthlings felt the impact via that amazing meteor strike in Chelyabinsk, Russia, last year. Scientists analyzing meteorite fragments think that the chunk of asteroid that exploded over the city in 2013... More »

Old Meteor Messing Up Town's Hunt for Water

Manson, Iowa, trying to dig new well, but its geology is out of whack

(Newser) - The small town of Manson, Iowa, has tried and failed three times now to dig a new water well, but it's got the best scapegoat ever: a meteor that smashed down 74 million years ago. It seems the meteor's massive impact did such a number on the local... More »

Moon Struck by 'Extraordinary' Asteroid Blast

Spanish astronomer spotted the dramatic strike last year

(Newser) - A car-sized asteroid smashed into the moon last year and left the longest-ever afterglow for a lunar impact ever seen—one big enough to be spotted by the naked eye under good viewing conditions, a Spanish astronomer said Monday. Jose Maria Madiedo said he witnessed the blast while working two... More »

For 2nd Time Ever, We Saw an Asteroid Before It Hit Us

And that's not the only impressive part

(Newser) - While working a solo shift on New Year's Eve, an Arizona astronomer spotted a car-sized asteroid en route to Earth. There are a few amazing things about this: 1) It's only the second time ever that an asteroid has been spotted before impact, and 2) The previous one... More »

Get Set for Meteor Shower This Evening

Waxing moon makes this a good year for Draconids

(Newser) - If you're a fan of skygazing—but not early mornings—you could be in for a treat tonight. The annual Draconid meteor shower will be at its peak and while it doesn't tend to be the most spectacular event of its kind, it is unusual because it is... More »

Russia Meteor Had Steamy Past

Scientists suspect it had near-miss with sun

(Newser) - The colossal meteor that exploded over Russia earlier this year had been with other celestial bodies before, scientists say. Analysis of fragments of the Chelyabinsk meteor—the biggest to hit Earth in more than a century —have revealed signs of melting that researchers believed was caused by either a... More »

Russia Meteor's Dust Cloud Circled Earth—in 4 Days

Plume was detectable 3 months later

(Newser) - Yet another pretty wild revelation about the meteor that rocked Russia last February: It thrust a massive dust cloud into our atmosphere that was detectable even three months later—and that plume managed to travel all the way around the northern hemisphere and back to Chelyabinsk in just four days,... More »

Farmers Find Meteorite in Corn Field

May be part of similar meteorite found more than 100 years ago

(Newser) - A 33-pound meteorite isn't what farmers Bruce and Nelva Lilienthal expected their harvest to yield. But sometimes these things just fall into your lap—or corn field, as the case may be. The Minnesota couple found the rock two years ago, but didn't follow up on the peculiar... More »

Russia Meteor's Shock Wave Circled Earth —Twice

Scientists make surprising find after analyzing data

(Newser) - Just how powerful was that massive meteor that rocked Russia last February? This powerful: The resulting shock wave circled the Earth twice, reports the BBC . Scientists reached the conclusion after examining data from global stations that measure low-frequency acoustic waves, reports Discovery . This is the first time they've seen... More »

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