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Populist Rage Fades With Hardee's 'French Dip'

Ergo, you won't be hearing about 'death panels,' say, 10 minutes from now

(Newser) - How soon America—“a toadying zombie mob with a terrible memory”—forgets, Abe Sauer writes on the Awl. Take the new offering from Hardee’s, “one of the nation’s largest, most popular purveys of food-like substances": the French Dip Thickburger. “What do maids, toast, kisses... More »

Freedom Fries Fattening French

Celebrated food culture struggles to resist import of American obesity

(Newser) - Freedom Fries be danged, French waistlines are taking a decidedly American curve: As fast food and bigger portions invade, some 42% of the famously foodie nation's population is clocking in as either overweight or obese. But officials say don't let them eat cake, predicting US-level obesity if the trend isn't... More »

2 Stories