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'Doomsday' Seed Vault to Open

Norwegian project will house all known crop species

(Newser) - The North Pole is no Fertile Crescent, but it will house collections of the world's crop seeds in a doomsday vault that will open tomorrow, AFP reports. The vault, built on Norwegian territory, contains three cold chambers that can hold a total of 4.5 million seed samples—twice the... More »

Norway Builds Doomsday Vault for World Seeds

Site beneath Arctic mountain will preserve all essential crops

(Newser) - Norway has built a giant vault under an Arctic mountain, where it will preserve seeds from 21 of the world's essential crops in case disaster strikes. The so-called doomsday vault will eventually store 4.5 million seeds from crops such as wheat and rice to use in the wake of... More »

2 Stories