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Canadians Invade US as Loonie Climbs

Exchange rate nears all-time high, sparking spending—and gloating

(Newser) - The commodity-heavy Canadian loonie rose above US$1.04 this morning—just short of its 1957 all-time high of $1.06—on news that Mexico would cut oil production 20%, reports the National Post. Now that the currency tables have turned, Canadian shoppers and vacationers couldn't be happier, the Guardian reports.... More »

Loonie Catches Up to Dollar

First time Loonie equaled greenback since Nov. 1976

(Newser) - The Canadian dollar reached parity with its US counterpart for the first time in over 30 years yesterday. As recently as March 2002, $1 American bought $1.60 Canadian, but the struggling US economy and the recent interest rate cut have pulled the greenback down, while increased demand for Canadian... More »

2 Stories