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Crafty Goat Pulls Off Escape for Buddy Clydesdale

Budweiser went missing for 5 days thanks to a well-placed head-butt

(Newser) - A dwarf billy goat gave new meaning to the word "scapegoat" when he busted out a surprisingly slippery Clydesdale that went on the lam in California for several days, reports the AP . The nearly 1-ton horse named Budweiser, who goes by "Buddy," was safely wrangled back into... More »

We're All to Blame for Torture

Tactics are no surprise; let's not dump our guilt on CIA

(Newser) - Suddenly, Democrats in Congress are calling for the prosecution of CIA agents for torture. But that torture was never a secret, and when it was politically prudent, Democrats had no problem backing it—and neither did many Americans, writes Naomi Wolf in the Guardian. We’ve all got “blood... More »

Don't Be So Happy to See Bush Go, Europe

He's been a useful villain—and things may not be better under Obama or McCain

(Newser) - President Bush might be touring Europe to yawns and boos, but its citizens and pundits alike will miss their favorite political punching bag when he’s gone, Gerard Baker writes in the Times of London. “They'll miss, first, having a villain in the White House,” Baker explains. “... More »

Bitter Rather Wants CBS to Pay

Determined to stick it to ex-bosses in court

(Newser) - Three years after the dust settled around CBS' firing of Dan Rather, the former anchor is quite content to fan the flames around his career low point—all in the name of revenge. Rather, 75, tells the Washington Post that he filed his $70 million suit against the network he... More »

4 Stories