Michael Jackson

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The World Is Getting a Michael Jackson Musical

It's expected to hit Broadway in 2020

(Newser) - The King of Pop is the latest celebrity to get his own Broadway musical. A show inspired by Michael Jackson's life is in the works and expects to hit the Great White Way in 2020, according to the Hollywood Reporter . The biographical musical's score, of course, will be... More »

Paris Jackson Scrubs Graffiti From Father's Hollywood Star

Michael Jackson's Walk of Fame star was tagged

(Newser) - Paris Jackson has shared a photo of herself cleaning graffiti left on her father's Hollywood star. Per USA Today , the 20-year-old model posted a shot of herself on hands and knees scrubbing the Walk of Fame tribute to late performer Michael Jackson, who died nine years ago this... More »

Michael Jackson Avenue Causes Confusion in Detroit

King of Pop won't have a street named after him after all

(Newser) - It seems the late King of Pop won't get a street named after him in Motown, at least not at this point, the AP reports. The Detroit Free Press reported Wednesday that a ceremony planned for Friday for Michael Jackson Avenue has been cancelled. The newspaper says Jackson's... More »

Michael Jackson's Magical Tilt Isn't So Magical

Special shoes and a really strong core are needed, say neurosurgeons

(Newser) - Medical researchers apparently unaware that one should never reveal a magician's trick have pulled back the veil on a seemingly impossible dance move by Michael Jackson. The singer's gravity-defying 45-degree tilt, in which he leaned forward while keeping his body straight and shoes flat on the floor, first... More »

5 Years Later, The Onion Responds to Michael Cohen

Satirical site would love to take him up on his demand for a chat

(Newser) - Back in 2013, Michael Cohen wrote an email to the Onion complaining about a satirical item written about his biggest client, Donald Trump. In the email, Cohen demanded an apology, threatened legal action, and asked the editor at the time to contact Cohen "immediately to discuss." The Onion ... More »

This Year's Top-Earning Dead Celebs

Michael Jackson earned $75M in last 12 months: 'Forbes'

(Newser) - Celebrities aren't any less mortal than the rest of us, but their earning power can be. Forbes takes a look at the highest-paid dead celebrities of the past year, measuring pretax income as of Oct. 15. Among those included is a celeb who died this month—and another who... More »

Jury Sides With Quincy Jones in Michael Jackson Lawsuit

Singer's estate has to pay producer $9.4M

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's estate owes Quincy Jones $9.4 million in royalties and production fees from "Billie Jean," ''Thriller," and more of the superstar's biggest hits, a jury found Wednesday. The award from a Los Angeles Superior Court jury fell short of the $30... More »

Neverland Ranch Back on Market, for $33M Less

Michael Jackson's old abode could be yours for $67M

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is back on the market with an asking price of $67 million, the AP reports. The 2,700-acre property near Santa Barbara, Calif., has been renamed Sycamore Valley Ranch. The listed price represents a significant cut from the $100 million it was on the market... More »

Paris Jackson Describes Growing Up With Michael

And says she believes he was murdered

(Newser) - Paris Jackson, now 18, gives an extensive and candid cover interview to Rolling Stone in which she describes what it was like to grow up with Michael Jackson as her father—and what she thinks really happened to him. "It's obvious" that he was murdered, she says. "... More »

Another Michael Jackson Movie Makes Better Casting Choice

Michael Jackson impersonator will play the King of Pop

(Newser) - Just as Sky Arts pulled a controversial Michael Jackson TV special starring white actor Joseph Fiennes as the King of Pop, Lifetime announced that it is working on its own Jackson tribute film. In casting its Jackson, the network "[got] right what Sky Arts got wrong," Vanity Fair... More »

Network Pulls Show Starring White Guy as Michael Jackson

Sky says it 'never intended to cause any offense'

(Newser) - An episode of a TV series in which a white British guy posed as Michael Jackson—called a "nightmare" by some and "shameful" by Jackson's own daughter —won't see the light of day. Sky says the episode of Urban Myths, in which Joseph Fiennes portrays... More »

Here's How Paris Jackson Feels About White Guy Playing Her Dad


(Newser) - In case you were wondering how Paris Jackson feels about a white British guy playing her father , well ... she is not a fan. Michael Jackson podcast The MJCast , which had previously called for a boycott of Joseph Fiennes-starring Urban Myths, tweeted at Paris Wednesday asking for her thoughts. She didn'... More »

Trailer Is Out for Show Starring White Guy as Michael Jackson

Joseph Fiennes stars as the King of Pop in TV special

(Newser) - Behold, white British actor Joseph Fiennes playing black American King of Pop Michael Jackson. You can do just that now that the first trailer is out for the TV special in which Fiennes as Jackson, Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor, and Brian Cox as Marlon Brando depict a road trip... More »

Madonna Casually Discusses Kissing Michael Jackson

Reveals relationship to James Corden on 'Carpool Karaoke'

(Newser) - During her appearance on " Carpool Karaoke " Wednesday night, Late Late Show host James Corden asked Madonna what it was like to be friends with Michael Jackson. "So you want me to kiss and tell, then?" Madonna replied, and then "Of course. Of course. Of course,"... More »

2016's Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities

Michael Jackson tops Forbes' list with $825M in earnings

(Newser) - They may have gone to the great beyond, but these celebrities are still raking it in. Topping Forbes' list of the highest-paid celebrities dead or alive is Michael Jackson, who raked in $825 million this year. The King of Pop's pre-tax windfall came largely thanks to his then-controversial purchase... More »

Documents: Michael Jackson Had Horrifying Porn Collection

'Images of pornography, animal torture, S&M, and gore'

(Newser) - Radar Online claims to have obtained official documents depicting the “images of pornography, animal torture, S&M, and gore” that Michael Jackson allegedly used while molesting children at Neverland Ranch. “The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of... More »

Michael Jackson's Gone With the Wind Oscar Is Gone

King of Pop dropped $1.54M on the statuette

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's Gone With the Wind Oscar is gone. Jackson paid a record $1.54 million for the statuette awarded to producer David O. Selznick in 1940, and now executors of his estate can't find it, the Hollywood Reporter reports. "We would like to have that Oscar... More »

In New Movie, Michael Jackson to Be Played by a White Guy

Joseph Fiennes set to play the King of Pop

(Newser) - In a new movie about Michael Jackson, the King of Pop will be played by ... a white British guy. Joseph Fiennes is set to play Jackson in Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon, a film that follows Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor (played by Stockard Channing), and Marlon Brando (played by Brian Cox) as... More »

33 Years Later, a New Record for Thriller

Michael Jackson becomes first artist to attain 30-time multiplatinum status

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's Thriller is still scaring up sales and giving the King of Pop's legacy a new milestone. The album has sold 30 million copies in the United States, making Jackson the first artist to attain 30-time multiplatinum status, the Recording Industry Association of America and Jackson's... More »

For Sale: Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

All yours for $100M

(Newser) - A 2,700-acre piece of pop-culture history is now up for sale. The Wall Street Journal reports that Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch near Santa Barbara is on the market for $100 million. Except it's now called Sycamore Valley Ranch, and while it no longer has amusement park rides... More »

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