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20 Years After KKK Torched It, SC Black Church Burns Again

SC's Mount Zion AME Church is 7th black church to burn since Charleston

(Newser) - Yesterday the NAACP issued a series of tweets in response to the spate of black churches going up in flames across the South, calling for "black churches to take necessary precautions" and promoting the #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches hashtag. Hours later, the Mount Zion AME Church in Greeleyville, SC, became the seventh... More »

KKK Gets OK to Hold Pro-Flag State House Rally

Dylann Roof was 'heading in right direction,' group says

(Newser) - In what will probably be a greater blow to defenders of the Confederate flag than opponents, the Ku Klux Klan has received permission to hold a rally in support of the flag at the SC State House. Officials, who say any group can hold a rally if the State House... More »

Michael Moore: I Have Gift for Confederate Flag Taker

Filmmaker and activist makes offer to Bree Newsome

(Newser) - The two people arrested for removing the Confederate flag from the front of the South Carolina Statehouse have been released from jail in the state capital—and filmmaker Michael Moore is offering pay legal fees and bail for one of them, USA Today reports. Officer L. Tucker of the Alvin... More »

Woman Arrested for Taking Down SC Confederate Flag

This went down in front of the South Carolina statehouse

(Newser) - The Confederate flag was momentarily removed from in front of the South Carolina Statehouse by a woman who shimmied up the pole this morning. A woman the New York Daily News identifies as Bree Newsome was about halfway up the more than 30-foot steel flagpole just after dawn when State... More »

North Carolina Sees 5th Shark Attack of Month

And South Carolina gets one, too

(Newser) - North Carolina has been plagued by shark attacks this month, with a 13-year-old girl injured June 11 , two teens injured on June 14 , and an 8-year-old boy bitten Wednesday . Today, another victim, plus one in South Carolina:
  • A 47-year-old man swimming with a group near North Carolina's Avon beach
... More »

Charleston Cop Canned for Confederate Undies

Shannon Dildine allegedly posted a pic on Facebook wearing controversial boxers

(Newser) - Showing off your Confederate flag boxers in the privacy of your own home is probably best if you're a cop in North Charleston, SC, where tensions are high after the church shooting there last week that killed nine . Yet Sgt. Shannon Dildine allegedly suited up in his Southern-themed underwear,... More »

Nikki Haley: Time to Remove Confederate Flag From Capitol

South Carolina's senators join her in the call

(Newser) - In the wake of the South Carolina church massacre, the state's governor, Nikki Haley, and its two senators, Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, all Republicans, today called for the Confederate flag to be removed from the state Capitol. "On matters of race, South Carolina has a tough history.... More »

Mitt Jump-Starts GOP Debate Over Confederate Flag

POTUS contenders have varying reactions to flag flying on grounds of SC Capitol

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has long been vocal about his distaste for the Confederate flag flying on South Carolina Capitol grounds, saying in a 2007 presidential debate , "That's not a flag I recognize. That flag, frankly, is divisive, and it shouldn't be shown." He refueled that fire Saturday... More »

6 Compelling Insights Into the Charleston Shooting

'Take down the Confederate flag now,' one writer argues

(Newser) - Racism, terrorism, mass shootings: The church massacre in Charleston combines several of the most troubling issues facing America today, and it has led to some forceful insights. A roundup of six that are worth a read:
  1. " The Deadly History of 'They're Raping Our Women.' " Jamelle
... More »

SC Shooting Suspect IDed, Told Victims 'I Have to Do It'

If Dylann Roof's the shooter, 'he's got to pay for this': man claiming to be his uncle

(Newser) - The FBI has identified the suspect in the Charleston church shootings as Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old with an arrest record, the Post and Courier reports. According to the SC Law Enforcement Division: Roof was jailed March 1 on a drug charge and on April 26 after being accused of trespassing.... More »

Guy Going Blind Inspires Heated ObamaCare Debate

Luis Lang shunned insurance, now can't get it

(Newser) - A man named Luis Lang in South Carolina is emerging as the face of a new debate about ObamaCare. As a story by Ann Doss Helms of the Charlotte Observer explains, Lang is a 49-year-old self-employed handyman who has long shunned health insurance and paid his own medical bills. But... More »

'Surprise' Tropical Storm Hits SC, Beats Season's Start

Ana made landfall in South Carolina

(Newser) - Early surprise Tropical Storm Ana made landfall in South Carolina this morning, a full three weeks before the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Packing slightly weakened 45mph winds, CNN reports that the storm came in just north of Myrtle Beach. The storm is set to further weaken, but... More »

Man in Car With Walter Scott Speaks, Just Once

Pierre Fulton doesn't know why he ran

(Newser) - Why Walter Scott bolted during a routine traffic stop is a mystery even to Pierre Fulton, the man in the Mercedes with Scott when he was pulled over by South Carolina police officer Michael Slager. "Walter was a dear friend and I miss him every day," Fulton says... More »

After Scott Shot Dead, Talk of 'Pumping' Adrenaline

Dashcam captured conversation between officers

(Newser) - The dashcam in Michael Slager's patrol car captured more than the now-fired officer stopping Walter Scott for a busted taillight. The Guardian reports the camera recorded for an hour following that stop, and it picked up a conversation between two officers just after the shooting. It captures a senior... More »

Man Who Filmed SC Shooting Considered Erasing Video

But he turned it over to Scott family instead

(Newser) - The disturbing video that resulted in murder charges for a North Charleston, SC, police officer almost never saw the light of day. In an MSNBC interview, Feiden Santana says he feared for his life after taking video of Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott in the back as the 50-year-old Scott... More »

Arrest Made in Case of 300K Dead Chickens

James Laverne Lowery was a former Pilgrim's Pride employee

(Newser) - An arrest has been made in the bizarre case of 300,000 chickens that were killed in South Carolina roughly two months ago. Former chicken farmer James Laverne Lowery, 44, was arrested at his Sumter County home last night and hit with second-degree burglary and malicious injury to personal property... More »

South Carolina Cop Fired After Fatal Shooting

Mayor says every officer in North Charleston will wear body cameras

(Newser) - With protests gaining steam, the city of North Charleston is trying to stay aggressive in its reaction to a white police officer's fatal shooting of an unarmed black man: Officer Michael Slager, who already has been charged with murder , has been fired from the force, the mayor said today.... More »

SC Cop Charged With Murder After Shooting Unarmed Man

Post and Courier: Video shows him firing 8 times as victim fled

(Newser) - A police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, is being charged with murder after a bystander's video appears to show him firing at a fleeing suspect eight times or more, reports the Post and Courier . (That story includes the video, which is graphic.) The video appears to contradict... More »

300K Chickens Killed in Possible Revenge Attack

South Carolina sheriff thinks culprit was upset over layoffs

(Newser) - South Carolina authorities have a bizarre crime on their hands—involving the deaths of more than 300,000 chickens. The culprit or culprits broke into 16 commercial farms across the state over the last two weeks and killed the birds by manipulating the temperature in the chicken houses, reports the... More »

Hunt Is On for Fugitive Treasure-Hunter's Loot

Investors want bounty worth millions they say Tommy Thompson got on 'Ship of Gold'

(Newser) - Deep-sea treasure hunter Tommy Thompson made headlines in 1988 when he found the legendary "Ship of Gold" (aka the USS Central America) shipwreck off the coast of South Carolina, which sank to the ocean floor with thousands of pounds of gold in 1857. Now he's in the news... More »

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