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15 Celebs, VIPs Who Fought Pancreatic Cancer

Sally Ride, Patrick Swayze, others brought awareness to disease

(Newser) - Pancreatic cancer is back in the spotlight for a very sad reason— Sally Ride’s death . The Huffington Post takes a look at 14 other celebrities and VIPs who’ve brought awareness to the disease, which is often devastating due to its tendency to go undetected for so long:
  • Patrick
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10 Who Died Too Young

From Aaliyah to Tillman to Russert, they had more to offer

(Newser) - In looking back at the '00s, the sad tales of luminaries who died too young stand out. Newsweek asked friends and admirers for their reflections:
  • Randy Pausch, d. 2008: "Despite it all," JJ Abrams writes, the "Last Lecture" professor "was radiant, kind, and good-humored."
  • Tim
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Last Lecturer Randy Pausch Dies of Cancer

Noted Carnegie Mellon prof inspired millions with fairwell lesson

(Newser) - Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon professor whose "last lecture" became an international phenomenon, succumbed in his long battle with cancer today, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. Pausch, 47, was a noted computer scientist before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but it was his final, inspirational address—now read by... More »

Living Life While Facing Death

Professor's 'last lecture' inspires millions through viral Internet video

(Newser) - Professor Randy Pausch may be dying of pancreatic cancer, but a video of his “last lecture” continues to inspire millions around the world, the Independent reports. Pausch delivered his speech, titled "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” to laughter and tears at Carnegie Mellon in September. Picked up... More »

3D Pioneer Delivers Lecture of a Lifetime

Beloved prof evokes ovations, tears with inspiring farewell

(Newser) - The "Last Lecture Series" is an academic task for some, but computer science prof Randy Pausch - who will live only 3 months with pancreatic cancer - took this talk to be literally his last, the Wall Street Journal reports. Yet he was exuberant as he showed photos of... More »

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