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$10K Reward Offered for Stolen Blind Baby Goat

Daisy's keepers want her back, 'no questions asked'

(Newser) - Who would steal a blind baby goat? That's what Canadians are asking this week after heartless thieves snatched Daisy from an animal sanctuary. Rescued when she was a newborn, nearly dead after crows had pecked out her eyes, Daisy has passed her last few months wearing flower necklaces at... More »

Why This Airport Has to Fix Its Goats and Bandits Problem

Nigeria's Kaduna airport will temporarily accept all of Abuja airport's flights

(Newser) - Next time you feel like ranting about LaGuardia or LAX, take a moment to give thanks you're not flying into Nigeria over the next few weeks (unless you are, in which case … sorry). Starting March 8, the airport in Kaduna will be servicing all travelers who previously flew... More »

People Are 'Losing Their Minds' for Goat Yoga

Somehow this isn't a 'Portlandia' sketch

(Newser) - A farm in Albany, Oregon, is offering yoga classes with goats. Portland is probably mad it didn't think of it first. The Oregonian reports it all started when a yoga instructor asked if she could host a class on Lainey Morse's No Regrets Farm. Morse's six goats... More »

Dudes Devour 40-Pound Goat to Break Cubs' Curse

Competitive eater and pals hope 'disgusting' meal gets Cubs to playoffs

(Newser) - The Cubs beat the Brewers 4-0 last night , gaining ground toward a wild-card spot in the National League playoffs, and if Chicago wins tonight, they may have a goat to thank. For 69 years, 11 months, and 17 days, the MLB team has labored under "The Billy Goat Curse,... More »

Scientists Devise Way to Clean Up Cow Burps

Small molecule could also curb greenhouse gas emissions

(Newser) - Cows are notorious methane gas producers, belching somewhere between 132 and 264 gallons of gas produced by food fermenting in the rumen (one of the four parts of their stomachs) every day. As the Washington Post reports, that's so significant that ruminant animals—including sheep and goats—actually contribute... More »

Couple Will Give Goat Farm to Winner of Essay Contest

Plus $20K to boot, in Alabama

(Newser) - If you've ever yearned to be a goat farmer, a couple in Alabama has an essay contest just for you. They plan to give away their 20-acre farm—complete with house, goats, and equipment—to the winning essay writer, reports WAAY-TV . Paul and Leslie Spell of Elkmont hope to... More »

NJ Cops Bust 'Disorderly' Goat

Critter was found headbutting the door of a residence

(Newser) - Sometimes New Jersey's finest have to make the hard calls, and one such call arrived in the form of a critter's head yesterday in Paramus. As the Star-Ledger reports, officers yesterday responding to reports of a "disorderly" goat on the loose found the little fella headbutting the... More »

Goat Born With 8 Legs

Likely the result of an under-developed twin

(Newser) - Move over, Octomom. We now have Octogoat. No, this goat doesn't have eight kids, but it does have eight legs. The kid was born last week on a Croatian farm. Farmer Zoran Paparic calls the kid "a miracle of nature," but veterinarians believe the newborn's condition... More »

Goat-Sheep Mating Results in Rare 'Geep'

Farmer: 'I've never seen anything like him'

(Newser) - It's not often that you get a half-goat, half-sheep—at least not one that survives, experts tell the BBC . But a little "geep" is alive and well in Ireland, the Irish Farmers Journal reports. The creature was born roughly two weeks ago after a goat got in amongst... More »

Goats: Way Smarter Than You Thought

Study: They can learn complex tasks and remember them

(Newser) - Goats aren't known for being the Einsteins of the animal kingdom, but they're highly adaptable to challenging environments—and that may be because they're a lot smarter than researchers had believed, Phys.org reports. Scientists in London and Switzerland gave goats what they called a "complex... More »

Lucky Goats Escape Avalanche

As onlookers cheer

(Newser) - Things were not looking good for 10 mountain goats in the French Alps: As concerned onlookers watched (and videotaped), it appeared the Chamois goats would be overtaken by an avalanche. Six of the animals outran the oncoming snow, but four of them appeared to be overcome by it, the Telegraph... More »

Goat Faces Down Rapist in Court

Kenyan man gets 10 years for defiling animal

(Newser) - Weird enough is that a 28-year-old man in Kenya got hit with a 10-year jail sentence for bestiality after being caught having sex with a goat. (The Star has the details on how the goat's owner spotted his neighbor in the act.) But weirder still is that the... More »

Early Shutdown Layoff: Poison Ivy-Gobbling Goats

Owner removed goats before NJ park shuttered

(Newser) - The government shutdown means furloughs for hundreds of thousands of federal workers, but work ended early for 28 hard-working and four-legged National Park Service employees. The Nubian goats, which spent the summer munching away at a poison ivy infestation in New Jersey's Gateway National Recreation Area, were pulled off... More »

O'Hare's New Grounds Crew: Goats

Herd will munch on airport vegetation

(Newser) - Chicago has hired a herd of goats to keep vegetation in check around O'Hare airport, reports the Tribune . About 25 goats will arrive in about a month and start chomping on 120 acres, with a focus on hard-to-mow embankments and areas with dense brush. A shepherd will be around... More »

Goat's Head Sent to Chicago Cubs Owner

'Curse' on team tied to goat legend

(Newser) - Chicago Cubs fans have long feared a curse on the team after a man with a goat was told to leave Wrigley Field during a 1945 championship game. Perhaps it was that story that prompted the delivery of a goat's head to the team's owner, Tom Ricketts, yesterday... More »

Town Buys Livestock to Go Green, Save Dough

Charlotte, Vermont, replaces mowers with goats and sheep

(Newser) - Want to cut back on grass-cutting costs and go green at the same time? Buy a few sheep and goats to chomp on your lawn. That's been the solution in one Vermont town that wanted to save money without letting its cemeteries become overgrown with grass and weeds, NPR... More »

Goats Have Accents: Study

Goats' 'voices' not entirely genetic, change over time, scientists say

(Newser) - It turns out accents aren't just for people from Long Island: Goats have them as well, a team of British researchers has demonstrated. Until now, experts had assumed that goats' "voices" were dictated entirely by genetics. Genetics do play a role, the researchers found, as siblings had similar... More »

California Pit Bulls Kill 42 Goats

Pack attacks corralled animals

(Newser) - Three of four pit bulls that slaughtered 42 goats in Southern California have been captured. "It appears that the pack mentality set in," a spokesman for the LA County Department of Animal Care and Control. "They just fed off one another's energy and mischievous behavior."... More »

Va. Fines Driver for Having Goat ... in Trunk

Charged with animal cruelty, hit with $100 fine

(Newser) - Virginia cops running a DWI checkpoint really got one DC woman's goat—literally, reports the AP, the one they found hog-tied and panting in her trunk. Fiona Ann Enderby has been convicted of animal cruelty and fined $100 after she told police she bought the goat from a farmer to... More »

Nepal Suffers Shortage of Sacrificial Goats

Country running short of goats ahead of major Hindu festival

(Newser) - Baa-ad news. Nepal is facing a severe shortage of sacrificial goats ahead of one of the Hindu calendar's biggest festivals, the BBC reports. Officials are searching the countryside for as many as 4,000 goats to buy and bring to Kathmandu ahead of the Dashain festival, in which goats are... More »

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