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Hostages Killed During Niger Rescue Mission

French President Sarkozy calls kidnapping 'barbaric act'

(Newser) - Two French citizens kidnapped in Niger's capital on Friday night were apparently killed by their captors during an attempted rescue, CNN reports. Two French soldiers involved in the raid were injured and "many terrorists were killed," said a statement by the French Defense Ministry yesterday, which blamed the... More »

'Magic Is Over' for US: French Foreign Minister

Kouchner says new president can't undo 8 years of Bush

(Newser) - For Bernard Kouchner, the outspoken French foreign minister, George W. Bush's successor might be able to restore some of America's lost global prestige, but after 8 years "the magic is over." In a conversation with the International Herald Tribune, Kouchner—one of France's most staunchly pro-American politicians—offered... More »

Iran to West: Don't Even Think About It

Tehran says attackers will rue aggression "as they regret it in Iraq"

(Newser) - In a parade flanked by missiles and homegrown fighter jets, Iran unequivocally responded to the West's indirect threats of force against the Islamic nation's nuclear ambitions: "Our message to the enemies is: Do not do it," said the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard. "They will regret it,... More »

3 Stories