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Scientists Dig Into Mystery of Sea Turtles' 'Lost Years'

What they do after they hatch is now slightly better known

(Newser) - Amid discoveries about lost cities and lost treasure come new findings on something else that has been long lost to science: knowledge of sea turtles' "lost years." As Phys.org explains, little has been known about the period of time bookended by turtles hatching and then reappearing in... More »

Massive Gulf Turtle Rescue Launched

Tens of thousands of eggs being moved

(Newser) - Wildlife experts scrambling to save hatchlings from the Gulf oil spill have hatched the biggest turtle rescue effort in history. Tens of thousands of sea turtle eggs will be dug up from beaches along the Gulf coast and trucked to Florida's Atlantic coast, where they will be hatched in temperature-controlled... More »

US Loggerhead Numbers Drop

Commercial fishing causes decline in sea turtle numbers

(Newser) - The US loggerhead turtle population is waning, and a federal report concludes that commercial fishing is probably to blame, the AP reports. The threatened species gained numbers through the '90s, but now the sea turtle is on the brink of becoming officially endangered. Ocean health advocates are calling for federal... More »

3 Stories