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Nobel Peace Prize Nominees Include the Internet

2003 laureate Shirin Ebadi supports Nobel for everyone

(Newser) - The internet—yes the entire technological concept—could be the next Nobel Peace Prize winner. It’s among the record 237 individuals and organizations nominated for the prize, and it has significant muscle behind it. Supporters include 2003 winner Shirin Ebadi, the Italian version of Wired magazine and Nicholas Negroponte,... More »

One Laptop Per Child Embraces Windows XP

Move gives new life to seemingly immortal operating system

(Newser) - Now that Microsoft has signed on to the One Laptop Per Child initiative—aimed at getting low-cost PCs to kids in poor countries—its Windows XP operating system is again getting a new jolt of life, reports The project originally used only free, open-source software such as Linux,... More »

If $100 Is Too Steep, Wait for the $75 Laptop

One Laptop Per Child exec spins out new firm to make cheaper model

(Newser) - The former chief technology officer of the One Laptop Per Child program has formed a spin-out company that seeks to take the XO laptop a step further—and reduce the cost of the basic computer from $100 to $75. The new operation, Pixel Qi, will aim to develop a cheaper... More »

Intel Bails on Kid Laptop Project

Feud over rival computer sales

(Newser) - Intel has dropped out of its uneasy partnership with the "One Laptop Per Child" global nonprofit program, designed to put inexpensive computers in the hands of millions of children in developing countries. Intel has been feuding with project founder Nicholas  Negroponte, an MIT professor on leave who developed the... More »

XO: Buy 1, a Kid Gets 1 Free

XO buyers will be asked to buy 2nd laptop for needy children

(Newser) - Americans will be asked to buy XO laptops in pairs—one for themselves and one for a child in a developing nation. Organizers of the "One Laptop Per Child" program hope to distribute laptops to millions of Third World schoolchildren this way. The combined cost of the pair of... More »

5 Stories