Nuremberg trials

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Inspiring Wisdom From Last Surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor

'It takes courage not to be discouraged': 97-year-old Ben Ferencz

(Newser) - He was front and center at what some call the biggest murder trial in history. That would be the Nuremberg hearings, which brought German SS soldiers forward to face the consequences for their role in the massacre of more than a million people outside of the concentration camps. Lesley Stahl... More »

Top Nazi's Long-Lost Diary Found ... in Buffalo

Rosenberg papers to shed new light on Third Reich

(Newser) - The secrets of top Hitler aide Alfred Rosenberg may soon be revealed, 67 years after he ended up at the end of a rope for his leading role in the Holocaust. Some 400 pages from Rosenberg's diary vanished after the Nuremberg war crimes trials where he was sentenced to... More »

German Cops Probe Artist's 'Nazi' Gnome

(Newser) - The German artist who intended to mock his nation's Nazi past with a golden garden gnome saluting "Sieg Heil" is in man-size trouble, reports the BBC. Nuremburg police are investigating whether the bearded gnome—on display in a local gallery—violates Germany's strict ban on Nazi propaganda and symbols.... More »

Nazi Prosecutor Loved Zinging 'Fat Boy' Goering

Letters offer glimpse into Nuremberg

(Newser) - Newly released letters offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders, reports the BBC. The letters that British prosecutor David Maxwell-Fyfe sent his wife reveal a playful side—he refers to Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering as "the fat boy" and "slap-happy Hermann"—... More »

Dodd Fights to Redeem Dad

Father's letters illuminate Nuremberg prosecutor turned disgraced US senator

(Newser) - Chris Dodd is not only running for president, he's on a mission to fix his father's reputation. Dodd's late father, Thomas, also a US senator, was censured in 1967 for making personal use of campaign funds. Years earlier, he made his name at the Nuremberg trials, and his son's new... More »

5 Stories