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Students Pose With Pumpkins Carved With Swastika, 'KKK'

Viral photo blasted by Pa. school district as 'reprehensible'

(Newser) - An eastern Pennsylvania school district is dealing with a second race-related incident in just over a week, investigating a Facebook photo showing current and former students posing with pumpkins carved with racist symbols. The pumpkins included one with a swastika, and another with the letters KKK. The photo shows four... More »

School Employee Loses Job After Going Viral on Twitter

She gently teased a student about his spelling

(Newser) - A Maryland public school district has fired one of its employees a week after one of her tweets for the district went viral. On Jan. 5, in response to a tweet from a student directed at the Frederick County Public Schools Twitter account asking for schools to close "tammarow,... More »

School District Gets Snarky on Twitter Over Snow

Georgia kids who tweeted for a snow day got more than they bargained for

(Newser) - Kids in Georgia hoping the year's first winter snow would land them a Friday off took to Twitter on Thursday to plead their case, and they found themselves an able sparring partner in the form of the unnamed handler of @CherokeeSchools . That's the Twitter account for the Cherokee... More »

Supreme Court Sides With 'I (Heart) Boobies!'

Pennsylvania teens win the right to wear breast-cancer bracelets

(Newser) - The Supreme Court sided today with two Pennsylvania teenagers who like wearing their feelings about breast cancer on their wrists, the AP reports. Kayla Martinez and Brianna Hawk got in trouble in 2010 for wearing "I (heart) Boobies!" bracelets at their schools' Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Easton Area... More »

Teacher Sues District Over Her Fear of ... Children

Experts say she suffers from rare pedophobia

(Newser) - A former teacher near Cincinnati is suing her school district for allegedly discriminating against her illness: a fear of young children. Maria Waltherr-Willard, 61, claims the school transferred her from a high school to junior high school despite her diagnosed pedophobia. Experts who filed documents in the case say Waltherr-Willard... More »

States, Cities Gutted Spending in 2011

Medicaid, state jobs, infrastructure hit

(Newser) - The final three months of 2011 saw states, cities, and school districts making their biggest spending cuts in a decade, USA Today reports. Spending dropped 1.6% from the same period the year before, plummeting by $26 billion. The result: States are seeing their smallest shortfalls in years, and in... More »

Parents Should Send Kids to 'Wrong School'

WSJ writer agast at schools that follow children home

(Newser) - Sending your child to a better school outside your district is a worthy act of civil disobedience—especially if you're a disenfranchised minority parent, argues Michael Flaherty in the Wall Street Journal . Exasperated parents "whose children are zoned into failing public schools" have even started a mini-crime wave... More »

Ga. Superintendent Covered Up Rampant Cheating

Report says administrators hid evidence, punished whistleblowers

(Newser) - For years, Atlanta Superintendent Beverly Hall has been considered one of the best in the country—thanks in part to students’ lofty test scores. But that was all a lie, according to a state investigation released today, which finds that Hall’s administration covered up rampant, systematic cheating, and even... More »

In Memphis, Fight Over School Merger Turns Ugly

Forceful opposition has led to accusations of racism

(Newser) - In Tennessee, an attempt to merge two school systems has turned into a full-blown fight, studded with accusations of racism. The struggling Memphis City Schools system, comprised of 85% black students, wants to force a merger with the more successful suburban school district in surrounding Shelby County, which is only... More »

Cash-Strapped School Districts Go to 4-Day Week

Parents, workers miffed, but effect on student learning is unclear

(Newser) - As school districts across the nation find themselves battling massive budget shortfalls, some are turning to the relatively rare but controversial practice of shortening the school week. Four-day weeks usually don’t affect teacher pay or the amount of classroom time for students, as the days are simply lengthened. But... More »

Texas School Isolates Boy, 4, Over Long Hair

Taylor Pugh has been confined to library with aide since Nov.

(Newser) - A 4-year-old Texas boy is being taught in isolation from the rest of his classmates—and faces an even harsher punishment—for not cutting his hair to conform to the school district’s grooming code. Taylor Pugh now works one-on-one with a teacher’s aide during the school day at... More »

Miami Schools Plan 'Sexting' Curriculum

Effort to combat practice includes warnings on safety, law

(Newser) - The Miami-Dade school district is going all out in its attempt to stomp out “sexting,” the Miami Herald reports. The superintendent says he wants to work with law enforcement to develop the nation's top sexting program, including a special curriculum to educate students of all ages about the... More »

School Censors Tween's Report on Harvey Milk

(Newser) - The ACLU is threatening to sue a California school district that restricted access to a 12-year-old’s report on gay-rights activist Harvey Milk, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. When the school learned of the subject, it delayed the presentation and sent letters to parents requiring permission slips for their children... More »

Colo. District to Ditch Grade Levels

Students in Adams 50 will progress based on knowledge, not age

(Newser) - Faced with a 58% graduation rate and falling test scores, officials in Colorado’s Adams 50 school district are doing away with traditional grade levels as part of a massive educational transformation, the Christian Science Monitor reports. When the program is fully phased in, students will no longer be separated... More »

Strapped Schools Say Bye to Bus Rides

New generation can tell grandkids they walked to school

(Newser) - As high gas prices strangle US school budgets, more officials are cutting back where it hurts student scores least: school buses. Some schools are limiting or redesigning bus routes, but others have nixed busing entirely, leaving thousands of kids to hoof it under adult supervision. Some parents object, but many... More »

Georgia School System Loses US Accreditation

Atlanta-area district becomes first in nearly 40 years stripped of recognition

(Newser) - A Georgia school system has become the country's first in almost 40 years to have its accreditation yanked, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Clayton County parents and students were devastated by the move, blamed on the district's "dysfunctional" school board. An exodus of students is expected to accelerate. More »

Double Dutch Made NYC School Sport

Jump-rope league expected to draw big interest

(Newser) - New York City schools will offer a new sport this spring: competitive double dutch jump-roping. The first school district to start official teams has done so in recognition of the sport's popularity among the city's youth—and to promote fitness, AP reports. "It's something that builds stamina," explains... More »

School Supers Draw Big Bucks, Bigger Perks

Turnaround experts find profitable niche in failing school districts

(Newser) - Teachers aren't living in luxury, but some school superintendents are, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Some are pulling in $325,000 a year, plus multi-million-dollar consulting budgets to restructure impoverished, underperforming public school systems. The Monitor calls them "central office rock stars," a product of the No Child... More »

Schools Report Declining Enrollment

New immigration laws cited for fewer youngsters

(Newser) - Student enrollment is down at schools across Arizona, California and Texas—especially at those with high Hispanic populations.  Why? Some cite the sudden dearth of construction jobs as the housing boom has petered out. But anecdotal evidence points to immigration crackdowns, and school districts are feeling the effects: Mesa,... More »

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