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How Infighting Doomed Clinton

Long awaited post-mortem details stunningly disfunctional campaign

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid failed for many reasons, the most prominent her campaign team's stunning dysfunction, writes Joshua Green in a much-anticipated Atlantic Monthly feature. Green uncovered a trove of memos, finding a team overwhelmed by “anger and toxic obsessions.” Clinton acted nothing like a chief executive,... More »

Inside Clinton's Dysfunctional War Machine

How the primary effort failed

(Newser) - There are many reasons for Hillary Clinton’s primary defeat, and most of them can be found within the political warrior and the creaking war machine she built, Gail Sheehy writes in Vanity Fair. Invoking the Lincoln administration, Clinton called her bickering advisers a “team of rivals.” Craving... More »

She's Tough, Focused, Blunt and Efficient

Not like that other Clinton who was all leadership, no management

(Newser) - “The worst thing you can do when you work for Hillary Clinton is sit there and nod yes," one veteran of the other Clinton administration told the New York Times. Hillary has a penchant for bluntness, she likes data, and she hates meandering meetings. In an analysis of... More »

Hillary Threats Killed Negative Story

Access to Bill denied if GQ piece ran

(Newser) - GQ magazine spiked a negative story about White House hopeful Hillary Clinton after her campaign offered editors a stark choice: kill the piece or lose access to Bill Clinton for a cover story. The offending article explored tensions and infighting at the heart of the Clinton campaign. Despite protests from... More »

4 Stories