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Did You See What the Pope Is Wearing?!?

Benedict brings back vintage papal styles; Catholics wonder why

(Newser) - Benedict XVI is wearing some pretty flashy, and pretty old-school, outfits, and pope-watchers the world over are atwitter, the Washington Post reports. Unlike his predecessor, who “would just wear whatever was given to him,” the current pontiff is reaching into a closet that dates back hundreds of years,... More »

Pope's Robe Shredded For Relics

100,000 fragments available online for a donation

(Newser) - A white robe worn by Pope John Paul II has been cut into 100,000 tiny fragments which are being distributed for donations as religious relics to aid prayer and achieve miracles, reports the London Times. The operation is run by the Diocese of Rome and is causing concern in... More »

2 Stories