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Facebook Will Use Postcards to Stop Russian Meddling

New system will be rolled out for midterms

(Newser) - Facebook will soon rely on centuries-old technology to try to prevent foreign meddling in US elections: the post office. Baffled in 2016 by Russian agents who bought ads to sway the presidential campaign, Katie Harbath, Facebook's global politics and government outreach director, told a meeting of the National Association... More »

Clinton Resurrects Famous Ad in New Spot Against Trump

The 'Daisy' girl is all grown up now

(Newser) - The Clinton campaign is going nuclear in a new ad against Donald Trump. The spot revisits the famous "Daisy" ad of 1964 in which a girl plucking a daisy is used to raise the specter of nuclear war, reports the Arizona Republic . (Here's the original .) Back then,... More »

This May Be the Zenith of Candidates Using Guns in Ads

Or maybe it's the nadir

(Newser) - How gun crazy have political ads gotten? Missouri's supposedly anti-gun candidate for US Senate just released one in which he assembles an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle while blindfolded and bragging that he'd "like to see Sen. Blunt do this." The ad , from Democrat Jason Kander, was created... More »

NRA Makes $2M Pro-Trump Benghazi Ad Buy

Marine Corps vet who fought against Libyan assault featured in 'Stop Clinton' promo

(Newser) - One of the biggest political ads for Donald Trump yet is being released, and none other than the National Rifle Association is behind it, USA Today reports. The NRA's Political Victory Fund PAC put up $2 million to back the 30-second spot , the association's first ad campaign of... More »

Wheel Scoring Fortune Off of Political Ads

Game show has 'very loyal' audience that votes

(Newser) - Ads on ESPN may get the president's ear , but an ad during Wheel of Fortune is far more important, at least in the eyes of candidates and super PACs. The show brought in $57 million in campaign spending during the 2012 election—the most of any TV show ahead... More »

Rubio's Patriotic Ad Actually Shows Canada

'It's morning again in America,' or maybe not

(Newser) - Marco Rubio can't seem to catch a break . Over the weekend, the Republican contender shared a new ad, "Morning Again," which appears to be a bleaker play on Ronald Reagan's 1984 "Morning in America" ad. It opens with a boat passing through a harbor as... More »

Ted Cruz Mocks Clinton in Office Space Parody

'It feels good to be a Clinton'

(Newser) - The people making ads for Ted Cruz may not be familiar with softcore porn , but they've clearly seen Office Space. A newly released video goes after Hillary Clinton in memorable fashion by parodying a scene from the movie. In "It Feels Good to Be a Clinton," an... More »

Trump's First TV Ad Is Not Subtle

'He’ll quickly cut the head off ISIS and take their oil'

(Newser) - Donald Trump's first TV ad of the 2016 election is about as understated as Trump himself is on the campaign trail. Which is to say, not very understated. It makes ominous references to ISIS ("he'll quickly cut the head off" and "take their oil"), banning... More »

Weiner's Latest 'Supporters:' Interns, Paid Actors

Latest ad features current and former intern; source says he's stacking own events

(Newser) - And the hits keep coming for Anthony Weiner. The latest allegations: He studded his latest TV ad with current and former interns and has hired "supporters" to pack his events. The former claims comes courtesy of the NY Daily News , which found that two of the four "everyday"... More »

How to Grab Obama's Ear: Buy ESPN Airtime

Companies target influencers, elite with ads on network

(Newser) - How to woo Barack Obama to your cause? Via ESPN, apparently. Companies and organizations have been buying up ad time on the sports network with the hope of catching the known sports fan's attention, Politico reports. "It's certainly a tactic that’s talked about a lot,"... More »

Sanford Talks Mistress Scandal in New Ad, Sort Of

Says he's learned about 'God of second chances'

(Newser) - Mark Sanford doesn't shy away from the Argentina-mistress scandal that abruptly ended his tenure as governor of South Carolina in his first television ad for the 1st District congressional race . After pointing out that he has a history of fighting government spending, he says he recently "experienced how... More »

Stars Come Out for Tomorrow's Election

Will Ferrell is willing to eat toenails to get you to vote

(Newser) - The stars are coming out in a big way as Election Day looms. The latest:
  • Will Ferrell really, really wants you to vote—and he'll do anything to make sure you do, he promises in a new video for President Obama. "Hungry? How about a home-cooked meal? Hope
... More »

'Base' Michael Moore Ad Riles Conservatives

Feisty seniors use some salty language

(Newser) - Michael Moore and MoveOn.org put together a pro-Obama ad, and it’s predictably controversial. It features a message from the Greatest Generation to the GOP and Mitt Romney: “If your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables Romney to oust Barack Obama, we will burn this motherf***er down,... More »

Obama Is the 'Bullsh***er' on the Auto Bailout

Romney wanted to save Detroit too: Marc Thiessen

(Newser) - President Obama called Mitt Romney a "bullsh***er" the other day, but it's "Obama who is peddling the BS when it comes to Romney and automobile-company bankruptcy," writes Marc Thiessen at the Washington Post . An Obama campaign ad claims that Romney would have let the auto industry... More »

Lena Dunham's 'First Time' Obama Ad Causes a Fuss

Conservatives outraged over new video

(Newser) - Lena Dunham released an ad for the Obama campaign yesterday, and it's about as titillating as you'd expect from the creator of HBO's Girls: In it, she talks quite a bit about her first time … voting, of course. "Your first time shouldn’t be with... More »

Now Jay-Z Does Pro-Obama Ad

Plus: ScarJo, Eva, Kerry are quite unhappy with Romney's politics

(Newser) - President Obama brought in the big guns for his latest video: Jay-Z. The rapper appears in a new, nearly 2-minute video for the Obama campaign that's basically a mutual lovefest. "When the president got into office initially, what he represented to a nation of kids was hope,"... More »

Morgan Freeman Narrates Latest Obama Ad

Plus, Bruce Springsteen campaigning for the prez

(Newser) - President Obama made a good choice for his latest ad: He got Morgan Freeman to narrate it. Freeman, a huge Obama supporter, has one of the most recognizable voices in the country, the Atlantic Wire notes—and if he says you're better off now than you were four years... More »

Romney, Obama Play Defense on 60 Minutes

New Obama ad slams Mitt on taxes

(Newser) - President Obama is unleashing the latest attack on Mitt Romney's taxes, following the candidates' dueling appearances on 60 Minutes last night, referencing his 47% comments as well as questions over his own tax rate. "Maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, he should come clean on his,"... More »

Romney Ad: Pelosi Put Obama on Mute

Bashes president's leadership via Woodward account

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is out with a new ad this morning that's generating some buzz, reports CNN . Repeating Bob Woodward's account of tensions between President Obama and top Democrats during negotiations over raising the debt limit, the ad alleges that during a phone conference, "As President Obama spoke,... More »

Citizens United Anti-Obama Film Set to Bombard TV

'The Hope and the Change' airing on 12 stations

(Newser) - Coming to a dozen TV stations near you, for the next seven weeks: An hour-long film in which former Obama supporters talk about their disillusionment with the president. The Hope and the Change—directed by the same guy who made pro-Sarah Palin film The Undefeated —debuted at the Republican... More »

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