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US Should Sell Citizenship for $50K

Writers at think tank lay out case of 'market-based' immigration plan

(Newser) - Hey buddy, wanna be a US citizen? How much is it worth to ya? Because if it's enough, you can stay, as far as two writers at Stanford's Hoover Institution are concerned. "We propose that, instead of the current maze of rules and formulas, the US should... More »

Condi to Stanford Profs: Lay Off Rummy

Secretary of state scolds faculty for doubting Rummy appointment

(Newser) - Condi wants Stanford profs to lay off Don Rumsfeld and welcome “all views” at the university, Politico reports. She stopped short of praising her old colleague—“I know Don Rumsfeld, he is going to be a challenging presence”—but scolded faculty for doubting Rummy’s appointment as... More »

Rudy Less Than Thrilled to Be $9.11 Candidate

Calls suggested donation amount ‘unfortunate’

(Newser) - A spokeswoman for presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani is calling an appeal from private fundraisers for $9.11 donations “an unfortunate choice.” During tomorrow’s national house party night, top GOP rainmaker Abraham Sofaer will host an event aiming to net that telltale amount from attendees, the AP reports. More »

3 Stories