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Behind Microsoft's $732M Fine: Snitch Named Google

EU competition watchdog levies heavy penalty to 'punish and deter'

(Newser) - Microsoft got thumped with a $732 million fine issued by the EU antitrust enforcer yesterday for violating the terms of a 2009 deal—thanks to Google and Opera, reports the Financial Times . Microsoft had then promised to offer consumers a choice of Internet browser instead of making Explorer Windows' automatic... More »

Facebook Might Make 2 More Acquisitions

Reports say Face.com and Opera are in its sights

(Newser) - Facebook is flush with IPO cash, and it's going shopping. Rumors started flying yesterday that the social network was near a deal to buy Face.com, the facial recognition software company behind the Klik mobile app. Sources tell TechCrunch that the deal is "definitely" happening, with a final... More »

Firefox Heads for Cell Phones

Fennec launch imminent, but, iPhone users, don't hold your breath

(Newser) - The release of Firefox's Fennec browser for mobiles is imminent after more than a year of development. Mozilla exec Jay Sullivan says the browser is being put through final testing and will likely be available for download before the end of the year. Fennec —which synchronizes mobiles with the... More »

Firefox 3.5 Could Upgrade the Whole Web

New browser is faster and ready for HTML upgrade

(Newser) - Firefox, once lauded for “speed, stability, and customizability,” seemed lately to have fallen behind the competition—but with version 3.5, out today, it’s back and better than ever, writes Farhad Manjoo for Slate. The new version “adds a much-needed speed boost” alongside bug fixes. And... More »

Microsoft Move Won't Derail Antitrust Case

Company has unfair advantage, European Commission says

(Newser) - The European Commission is moving forward with its antitrust case against Microsoft even after the company's promise to sell its Windows 7 operating system without Internet Explorer in Europe. The commission "notes with interest" Microsoft's announcement, CNET News reports, but adds that "Microsoft has apparently decided to supply... More »

Tech Leaders Unite Against Microsoft

Nokia, IBM, Oracle join EU antitrust case over Explorer's dominance

(Newser) - A technology consortium whose members include IBM, Nokia, and Oracle has joined the European Commission’s antitrust case against Microsoft, the Financial Times reports. The consortium, Ecis, joins Google and the Mozilla Foundation in accusing Microsoft of using Windows to distort the web browser market in favor of Internet Explorer.... More »

Speedier Firefox Aims to Lead the Way

Mozilla says new version of browser will boost Web 2.0 development

(Newser) - Early tests have found Mozilla's latest version of Firefox is much speedier than earlier versions and it runs rings around its rivals, PC World reports. One blogger found Firefox 3 Beta 4 was nearly twice as fast as Safari and Opera, and the Beta 4 version, and three times faster... More »

Microsoft Faces New Suit on Competition

Small Norwegian company says industry giant stifles rivals

(Newser) - An independent Norwegian software company is taking on Microsoft in an antitrust complaint filed today with the European Commission. Opera charges the industry behemoth with monopolizing the market by packaging Windows with the Internet Explorer browser, Reuters reports. The moves comes three months after Microsoft had to pay a huge... More »

8 Stories