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Radioactive Material Found in Groundwater Near New York City

The contamination was found under the Indian Point Energy Center

(Newser) - A radioactive material has been detected in the groundwater below a nuclear power plant north of New York City. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that water contaminated by tritium leaked into the groundwater at the Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan, 40 miles north of Manhattan. Officials say the contamination... More »

Mother Sees Daughter Again After 82 Years

'I’m not alone anymore'

(Newser) - New York's WBNG has the touching story of a reunion 82 years in the making. Lena Pierce gave birth to her first daughter, who she named Eva May, in 1933. But at only 14 years old, the state determined Pierce wasn't old enough to care for Eva and... More »

Judge Sentences Man to 5 Days in Jail for Child Porn

He argues child porn is widely available and punishments are too harsh

(Newser) - NBC News has a shocking story about a federal judge in New York City who gave a man facing up to 10 years in prison for child pornography a sentence of only five days in jail—time he'd already served following his initial arrest in 2013. Investigators found... More »

Officials' Plan: Turn Off Niagara Falls

New York State wants to replace two ailing bridges

(Newser) - Plan on visiting the US side of Niagara Falls? Better plan ahead, if you want to see actual falls—because New York state officials want to temporarily stop the water from flowing, Discovery reports. They plan to direct water away from Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls, two of three... More »

Wife: Husband Secretly Divorced Me 20 Years Ago

Cristina Carta Villa, 59, files suit against her husband

(Newser) - While some marriages end in divorce, this one apparently essentially started with it. New York wife Cristina Carta Villa, 59, claims that husband Gabriel Villa secretly divorced her right after they married 20 years ago in an effort to retain his assets, the New York Post reports. Now she's... More »

Executors of Billionaire's Estate Want $6K Per Hour

'Exorbitant, unreasonable, and improper'

(Newser) - How much should you get paid for handling the estate of a dead billionaire? Apparently $100 million—or more than $6,400 per hour—If that estate belongs to Leona Helmsley , the Wall Street Journal reports. “By any definition, this hourly rate is exorbitant, unreasonable, and improper,” states... More »

NY Town Shamed Into Replacing Offensive Seal

And the 'Daily Show' might be to thank

(Newser) - It turns out the small New York town whose official seal depicts either a "friendly wrestling match" between town founder Hugh White and a Native American or town founder Hugh White brutally choking out a Native American—depending on your point of view—will replace the seal after all,... More »

ER Patient: Mount Sinai Doctor Drugged, Molested Me

2nd woman has also come forward saying David Newman groped her

(Newser) - A renowned "TED-talker" and ER doctor at New York City's Mount Sinai Hospital who served in Iraq and who advocates for improved doctor-patient relationships was arrested Tuesday and charged with sexually abusing two patients, the New York Times reports. David H. Newman, said to be in his 40s... More »

Cops: Guy Kills Ex, Student, Himself With Same Knife

They may have been sleeping at the time, police say

(Newser) - A 24-year-old man distraught over a recent breakup stabbed to death his ex-girlfriend and a fellow college athlete she was with in her off-campus bedroom before apparently killing himself with the same knife, police said Monday. Colin Kingston, of Geneseo, entered Kelsey Annese's apartment around 6am Sunday near the... More »

Here's What Happens When You Diss NY (cc: Ted Cruz)

Big mistake, Ted. Big. HUGE.

(Newser) - Ted Cruz is eliciting particularly strong reaction this week—especially from people in the Empire State. In a Tuesday radio interview, Cruz railed against Donald Trump, saying the businessman "embodies New York values," BuzzFeed reports. Cruz followed up on Fox News, telling Megyn Kelly, per the Washington Post ... More »

Feds Rein in Shell Games With Ritzy Real Estate

Feds to start IDing, tracking secret buyers of high-end homes

(Newser) - Those planning on scooping up a high-end property on the sly—i.e., paying cash via a shell company—may soon have to come up with a new game plan. The Treasury Department announced Wednesday it will start making title insurance companies ID secret buyers of property going for more... More »

Town Opts to Keep Old Logo Derided as Racist

Whitesboro won't be changing controversial seal

(Newser) - The mayor of an upstate New York town who has said the town's seal—depicting what looks to be the town's white founder, Hugh White, strangling a Native American—was nothing more than "friendly wrestling" is likely pleased after residents voted Monday night to keep it, the... More »

17 Trapped Miners Rescued in New York

They were stuck overnight in an elevator

(Newser) - All 17 miners trapped overnight in an elevator more than 70 stories below ground have been rescued in upstate New York. Miners at the Cargill salt mine in Lansing were starting their shift around 10pm Wednesday when an elevator became jammed 775 feet down an access shaft, officials say. Cargill... More »

Rare Sharks Are Flocking to Long Island

Sand tiger sharks frequenting a nursery ground in Great South Bay

(Newser) - Mean-looking sharks are visiting waters off Long Island for what Fox News calls "summer camp for baby Jaws." Fear not, it's actually a good thing. Scientists at New York Aquarium have discovered a nursery ground for sand tiger sharks, which are actually docile, in Great South Bay.... More »

NYC's Phone Booths Becoming Something Much More Useful

City unveiling WiFi hotspots today

(Newser) - New York City still has thousands of pay phones on its sidewalks, but many have been gathering dust in the cellphone era. This month, the city will start replacing them with free WiFi hot spots, the Wall Street Journal reports. Ultimately, more than 7,500 phone booths will be turned... More »

DWI Dismissed—Because Driver's Body Is a 'Brewery'

Police plan to appeal the ruling

(Newser) - Last year, police in western New York stopped a driver who had been reported "weaving all over" the road. The female motorist had a flat tire and her car was producing "a large amount of smoke and a noticeable smell of burning rubber," per the police report;... More »

Man Checks Out Citi Bike in NYC, Rides It 2,700 Miles

Jeffrey Tanenhaus was 'out of options'

(Newser) - What does it take to get from New York to California? "Just WiFi, water, and a working bicycle," Jeffrey Tanenhaus tells WNBC-TV . The New Yorker rolled into the Golden State at the city of Blythe last week after riding 2,700 miles across 17 states—mostly along historic... More »

Guy Who Planned NYE Attack Was Panhandler: Bar Owner

Emanuel Lutchman 'caused more trouble than positive'

(Newser) - A western New York bar owner who says his restaurant was the one identified by authorities as the target of a would-be terrorist says the man arrested in the plot is an aggressive panhandler. The Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester reports that Merchants Grill co-owner John Page described Emanuel Lutchman,... More »

ISIS Supporter Planned NYE Attack on Upstate NY Bar: Feds

Emanuel L. Lutchman was allegedly trying to 'prove himself' to ISIS in Syria

(Newser) - ISIS is finding supporters even in the far reaches of upstate New York. Federal authorities say a 25-year-old convicted robber was an ISIS sympathizer who planned to kill patrons at a Rochester restaurant/bar on New Year's Eve, the Democrat & Chronicle reports. Emanuel L. Lutchman was arrested and charged... More »

Family Seeks Long-Lost Triplets via Facebook

They were born March 9, 1972, in Kansas

(Newser) - Cynthia Bush says her parents were "appalled" when she became pregnant with triplets at 16 in 1971. They sent her from upstate New York to stay with an aunt in Kansas until she gave birth and adoptions were arranged through Catholic Charities. Bush eventually married the biological father of... More »

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