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2017 Killed These Products, Startups

Including a $700 juicer

(Newser) - Think 2017 was rough? Try putting yourself in the shoes of people who spent their energy and fortunes building products and companies, only to see them fall by the wayside this year. BuzzFeed rounds up failed products and startups of 2017, including a $700 juicer and an early internet communication... More »

AIM to Set Away Message ... Permanently

The iconic instant messaging service will shut down in December after two decades

(Newser) - AOL announced Friday it will be shutting down its trailblazing instant messaging service AIM on Dec. 15, the Verge reports. According to TechCrunch , AOL Instant Messenger became its own standalone app separate from the AOL desktop in 1997. It would go on to become many people's first experience with... More »

Security Firm: AIM Is Fatally Flawed

AOL instant messenger software vulnerable to worm attack

(Newser) - Hackers could exploit a glitch in AOL's instant messaging program and take control of users' computers , a security firm reports. Core Security discovered that the way AIM uses HTML code provides a loophole for hijacking PCs, via a web link that implants a self-copying worm. AOL says it has solved... More »

3 Stories