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13 Recyclables No One Actually Wants to Reuse

Going green is great and all, but who would want your old bras?

(Newser) - It seems like everyone wants to go green these days—but there are some recyclables that just don’t seem like they should be reused. Brittny Drye lists 13 on The Stir :
  • Bras: You might not want to wear someone else’s stretched-out bra, but The Bra Recyclers will donate
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Bloomberg Calls For Plastic Bag Fee in NYC

6¢ charge pleases greenies, would help city's fiscal problems

(Newser) - After an ad campaign urging New Yorkers to use greener alternatives to plastic shopping bags, Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to impose a 6¢-per-bag charge, the Times reports. While environmentalists approve, and the city’s coffers stand to gain, many think the measure will be unpopular with shoppers, and critics... More »

Flemish Recycling Runs to Chicken Feed

Flanders pioneers pay-as-you-dispose policy, reuse centers

(Newser) - The Belgian region of Flanders is attracting international attention with novel recycling schemes that include reuse centers, pay-per-bag garbage collection, and omnivorous chickens. The Russians, the Chinese and the British have come calling to see how Flanders has managed to hold its total waste generation steady even as its population... More »

3 Stories