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Facebook Considering Buying Skype

Meanwhile, Google holds talks with Skype for joint venture

(Newser) - Skype is suddenly the prettiest girl in school now that it’s pushed back its IPO. Google is in talks for a joint venture with the online calling company, and Facebook is considering buying it outright, sources tell Reuters . Skype is expected to rake in about $1 billion if it... More »

Google Takes on Skype With Free Gmail Calls

Search giant rolls out email-linked phone service

(Newser) - Google took a bold stride onto Skype's turf yesterday, announcing that Gmail users will now be able to call landline and cell phones directly from their email. The company says Gmail users will be allowed to call phones in the US and Canada free for at least the rest of... More »

Skype Could Hit iPhone as Soon as Next Week

Voice-over-IP firm may announce its client at CTIA Wireless

(Newser) - Skype is putting the finishing touches on a version of its VoIP client for the iPhone, and may debut it as soon as an industry conference next week, GigaOm reports. Skype is looking to the mobile market to keep growing as its PC usage starts to plateau. Skype already offers... More »

Apple's iPhone Rules Restrict Competition

Banning of VoIP, browser bundling echoes antitrust cases

(Newser) - Apple’s iPhone software development kit is facing criticism from net neutrality and antitrust critics, Computerworld reports. Apple has indicated that voice-over-IP programs like Skype will not be allowed on the iPhone’s AT&T network, as its a direct competitor for AT&T’s voice service. Comcast, Computerworld points... More »

How To Hack VoIP Companies

Convicted hacker Robert Moore says 'it's so easy a caveman could do it'

(Newser) - Robert Moore, a 23-year old facing a two-year prison sentence for hacking Internet phone service companies, tells Information Week that getting illegitimate access to the phone services was "so easy a caveman could do it". Moore said that sloppy systems administration left obvious security holes, such as the use... More »

5 Stories