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Irked EBay Sellers: Going, Going, Gone

Mom and pops are sold on niche sites

(Newser) - Still soured by February's jacked-up fees and changed feedback policy, some sellers have left eBay for greener—and in many cases, smaller—online pastures, reports the Wall Street Journal. Alternative e-commerce sites such as Wigix, Silkfair, Etsy, and Oodle have wooed disgruntled merchants with lower fees, free how-to's and, in... More »

Tech Giants Behave Like Nations

eBay boycott shows how 'social contract' can be mishandled

(Newser) - A comparison of two of this week’s big tech news stories, the end of an eBay boycott and Google’s announcement of the construction of a new trans-Pacific fiber optic cable, show how the tech giants have moved beyond old corporate paradigms, writes Michael Malone for ABC News. With... More »

1-Week eBay Boycott Ends Tomorrow

Site claims 'no impact' on listings, but one source sees 13% drop

(Newser) - More eBay goodies may go on sale tomorrow as angry sellers end a 1-week boycott, USA Today reports. The ban "has had no impact on our listings," one eBay exec said, but third-party tracking sites saw a 13% drop. The sellers' snub was sparked when eBay recently upped... More »

eBay Identity Thefts Raise Fears

Members personal data posted on forum

(Newser) - A sinister incident in which confidential information of 1,200 eBay users was posted on a discussion forum is raising questions about the security of the world's biggest online marketplace. PC World reports that a person eBay called "a malicious fraudster" posted the personal data, visible for an hour... More »

4 Stories