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Kaling Jokes About Trump at Dartmouth Commencement

She tells grads to have 'insane confidence' in themselves

(Newser) - Mindy Kaling took on President Trump in her Sunday commencement address to Dartmouth College graduates, suggesting he may have "tweeted us into war" with Wakanda, the fictional country from Black Panther. "I'll tell you my secret, the one thing that keeps me going, my superpower: delusion,"... More »

College Paper Busts Open Story on Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Dartmouth has placed 3 psych professors on paid leave

(Newser) - Three Ivy League professors are on paid leave while multiple New Hampshire law-enforcement agencies investigate "serious" allegations of sexual misconduct against them, the Boston Globe reports. According to the New York Times , the professors are Bill Kelley, Todd Heatherton, and Paul Whalen of Dartmouth College's Department of Psychological... More »

Dartmouth Bans Hard Liquor

...even if you're of age

(Newser) - Dartmouth College's president is no fan of bad behavior, and hasn't minced words on the subject in the past: In an April speech, he cited "dangerous drinking" and a "general disregard for human dignity" at the school. Now, after months of what the Washington Post terms... More »

Dartmouth Busts Kids Cheating—in Ethics Class

64 were using clickers to answer questions for absent classmates

(Newser) - One might expect students taking a class called "Sports, Ethics, and Religion" to know better, but Dartmouth College says that it's uncovered widespread cheating in a class with that title, reports Bloomberg . "I feel pretty burned by the whole thing," says class professor Randall Balmer, who... More »

Bad Behavior Ruining Dartmouth, Says Its President

Philip Hanlon: Sex assaults, drinking, racism, sexism call for big changes

(Newser) - Dartmouth College's president has offered a stinging critique of his own school, saying that its future "is being hijacked by extreme behavior." In a speech last night, Philip Hanlon said sex assaults, rampant "dangerous drinking," and parties featuring "racist and sexist undertones" are undermining... More »

Barney Frank: Sorry for Hoodie Joke

'No one will shoot at you' in a graduation hood, he assured Hubie Jones

(Newser) - Barney Frank is apologizing for opening up his super-sized mouth this weekend: Seems the soon-to-be former Massachusetts congressman made a crack about the Trayvon Martin case at a graduation ceremony this weekend, the AP reports. Speaking at a Dartmouth commencement Sunday, in which the university also gave an honorary degree... More »

Obama Makes Surprise Pick to Head World Bank

Dartmouth president Jim Yong Kim expected to be announced today

(Newser) - President Obama will nominate Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim to head the World Bank, a surprise pick for the international financial institution's top job, senior administration officials say. The Korean-born Kim is a physician by training and a prominent figure in global health and development circles. Officials believe... More »

Gross Hazing Charges Rock Dartmouth

College charges 27 after senior claims pledges forced to swim in vomit

(Newser) - Dartmouth College is in a tizzy over allegations of some seriously sick hazing at one of its fraternities. Former Sigma Alpha Epsilon member Andrew Lohse caused an uproar with a school newspaper column describing how pledges were pressured to swim in kiddie pools filled with puke and rotten food. The... More »

Sorry, Recession Won't Get You Into Harvard

Top schools see no application shortage despite economy

(Newser) - Sure, a lot of people are cash-strapped, but don’t get your hopes up that the recession will boost your shot at an Ivy League school. Harvard got a record number of applications this year—29,112, a 6% jump from last year. And pricey universities like Yale, Dartmouth, Brown,... More »

College Presidents Push to Lower Drinking Age

Drinking at 18 will reduce binging at school, they argue

(Newser) - Presidents of 100 prominent colleges are behind an effort to have the drinking age lowered, from 21 to 18, claiming that earlier experience of drinking younger will reduce students' binge drinking in college. Presidents of Duke, Dartmouth, Ohio State, Syracuse, Tufts and Colgate are among the campaign's supporters, AP reports.... More »

Dartmouth Prof to Sue 'Fascist' Students

Furious that class questioned her 'ecofeminist' analysis

(Newser) - A Dartmouth English professor enamored of trendy French literary theories recently got so incensed at students who “argue with your ideas” that she announced her intention to sue her class, charging that their “anti-intellectualism” violated her civil rights and caused her “intellectual distress.”  The Wall ... More »

Dems Stonewall on Pullout Deadline

Obama, Edwards, Clinton won't guarantee withdrawal by 2013

(Newser) - None of the three leading Democratic White House contenders were willing last night to guarantee that they would get US troops out of Iraq by 2013. During a Democratic debate at Dartmouth College, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards—who all support a timetable for troop withdrawal—each declined... More »

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