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Potential Juror's Excuse: Defendant Is Too Attractive

She is rejected from panel in Florida murder trial

(Newser) - It was either a candid admission or a novel way of getting out of jury duty. A woman in Florida was ultimately rejected after she said she found the defendant in a murder trial so attractive that it might affect her judgment, reports LawNewz . Her admission came despite the grisly... More »

Drug Evidence Goes Missing, Lawyer Blames Jurors

What happened to 71 oxycodone pills?

(Newser) - An Ohio defense lawyer is accusing at least one juror of stealing 71 oxycodone pills during a drug trial, the AP reports. John David Moore Jr. says jurors found his client guilty and then rushed out of the courthouse before anyone noticed the 71 opioid pills were missing. He says... More »

To Spot a Liar, Look for These 6 Clues

New computer software far outperforms humans

(Newser) - Poker players have been saying, and even living and dying by it, for years: Everyone has a tell. Whether we're lying or telling the truth, most of us reveal ourselves through the tiniest physical and verbal clues, and new lie-detecting software developed at the University of Michigan analyzes these... More »

Baltimore on Edge as First Trial in Freddie Gray Case Begins

Every prospective juror for officer William Porter's trial knows about the case

(Newser) - Jury selection started Monday in the trial of William Porter, one of six Baltimore cops charged in the death of Freddie Gray , and potential jurors had one thing in common: They had all heard of the 25-year-old Gray, the $6.4 million settlement paid by the city to his family,... More »

'Stressed Out' Juror Sends 'Highly Unusual' Note to Judge

In New York corruption trial, she asked to be sent home after 2 hours

(Newser) - In a move the New York Times calls "highly unusual," a "stressed out" juror sent a note to the judge asking if she could go home after less than two hours of deliberations. "I don’t feel like I can be myself right now!" the... More »

One Holdout Juror Saved James Holmes

Death penalty required a unanimous decision

(Newser) - James Holmes will live out his life in prison instead of facing execution because one of his 12 jurors wouldn't budge on the subject. Nine others wanted the death penalty and two were unsure but willing to discuss it, but Holmes' life was spared because a unanimous decision is... More »

Police Protecting Holdout Juror in Jodi Arias Case

Name surfaces on social media after hung jury

(Newser) - The woman responsible for keeping Jodi Arias alive is officially known as juror No. 17, but authorities say that her identity has been revealed online. As a result, police are protecting her for the time being, reports the AP . Her 11 fellow jurors all voted in favor of the death... More »

How Juror Tom Hanks Got Guy a Reduced Charge

Whoops: Lawyer spoke to actor serving jury duty

(Newser) - Tom Hanks was just trying to do his civic duty, and he ended up inadvertently messing up a trial. Hanks was serving on a jury in LA this week, but when a lawyer in the City Attorney's Office made the mistake of talking to the actor, the case had... More »

Minority Juror: Zimmerman 'Got Away With Murder'

But she says evidence wasn't there to convict

(Newser) - The lone minority member of George Zimmerman's jury thinks he's a murderer. But she said she couldn't vote to convict because the evidence just wasn't there. As a result, juror B29—she is of Puerto Rican descent and identified only by her first name of "... More »

Zimmerman Jurors Got Mani-Pedis, Ate at Outback

Details from their 22-day, $33K sequestration

(Newser) - For 22 nights, they stayed at a Florida Marriott, ate hotel food and takeout lunches, and occasionally went out to Outback Steakhouse and other restaurants. They exercised at the hotel fitness center, went bowling, hit Ripley's Believe It Or Not!, saw two movies at the theater, enjoyed Fourth of... More »

4 Zimmerman Jurors: B37 Doesn't Speak for Us

Martin 'played a huge role in death,' juror B37 says

(Newser) - Four of the six jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman want the world to know that the juror who went public doesn't speak for them. "We ask you to remember that we are not public officials and we did not invite this type of attention into our lives,"... More »

Jennifer Hudson's Fame Hangs Over Murder Trial

Jury selection doesn't look easy in trial of William Balfour

(Newser) - Is anyone here not a fan of Jennifer Hudson? Defense attorneys may be wondering that tomorrow as they begin questioning prospective jurors for the trial of William Balfour , the man who allegedly shot and killed Hudson's family , the AP reports. Some in the jury pool gasped last week when... More »

Death Row Inmate Gets New Trial Because of Twitter

Juror tweeted throughout trial, raising risk of prejudice: Arkansas Supreme Court

(Newser) - A mere 140 characters has led to quite the mess in Arkansas. The state's Supreme Court ruled yesterday that a 26-year-old death row inmate receive a new trial because a juror tweeted throughout his first one. Though a lower court found Erickson Dimas-Martinez "suffered no prejudice," an... More »

Florida Releases Names of Casey Anthony Jurors

Judge waited three months for tempers to settle

(Newser) - The jurors who cleared Casey Anthony of murder now might have to explain the verdict to their neighbors. Florida today released the jurors' identities, reports the Orlando Sentinel . Normally, the names are made public immediately after a trial, but the judge ordered a three-month delay given the public outrage over... More »

Juror Gets in Trouble After 'Friending' Defendant

Jonathan Hudson gets community service for Facebook interaction

(Newser) - Note to jurors: Probably not a good idea to “friend” the defendant in your case on Facebook. Jonathan Hudson, 22, was slapped with four counts of contempt of court for doing just that, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. Hudson attempted to contact Courtney Downing, the defendant in a case... More »

Ala. Judges Override Juries— but Not to Be Merciful

Most of the time power is used, it's to impose the death penalty

(Newser) - It sounds sensible, even merciful: Alabama judges are allowed to override the decisions of capital juries. Justice Thurgood Marshall, a staunch death penalty opponent, was in favor of the system, because it allows "someone who had seen more than one case" to make the ultimate decision, says one retired... More »

Juror Faces Jail for Friending Defendant

Woman guilty in UK's first contempt of court case involving Internet

(Newser) - A British juror who took empathy for the defendant a little too far may be going to jail for contempt of court. Joanna Fraill used Facebook to find and befriend a woman she had helped acquit on drug charges. Before the jury had reached a verdict on other defendants, the... More »

Lawyers Use Facebook to Pick Jurors

They vet candidates based on their likes and dislikes online

(Newser) - Here's the latest way Facebook is changing life as we know it: Lawyers snooping for extra information on potential jurors have been looking them up on the site, the Wall Street Journal reports. "It's a waterfall of information, compared to the pinhole view you used to get," says... More »

How to Get Out of Jury Duty: Know Michael Moore

Donna Gianell bounced from Citigroup trial

(Newser) - A juror found herself bounced from a Citigroup-EMI fraud trial after her connections to liberal filmmaker Michael Moore emerged. Citigroup lawyers played a clip from Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story in court showing juror Donna Gianell’s name in the credits, then asked Judge Jed Rakoff to dismiss her.... More »

Rodney King to Marry Juror

Wife-to-be Cynthia Kelley 'a godsend,' he says

(Newser) - Rodney King will marry one of the jurors from the civil case he filed in against the city of Los Angeles after being brutally beaten by LAPD officers in 1991, RadarOnline reports. King, 44, will marry Cynthia Kelley, a member of the jury that awarded King a $3.8 million... More »

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